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My Angel - Visitor's Love Poem

by Richard Paliotta
(Woodland Park, NJ, USA)

My inspiring angel, my beloved wife
your inspirations and contributions and
your submissions made life changes in my life.
Many life's obstacles come my way,
everyone has them everyday but I think of
my angel at home and my family and
those bad feelings fade away.
Your love shines down on me and when life
is too overwhelming I step into that light.
I knew that you were my angel when I met you.
Now as we grow older I can only watch the passing of time,
and hope my journey towards death will come
and in our new life I will meet my inspiring angel again.
I truly love you, you are my soul mate until
I look at your beautiful face and look in your eyes again.
Your love has given me a great joy of life
with happiness and a great family,
you are all I'm living for.
Your wings carry unprecedented love that fills the precious ozone,
the wings that give hope and understanding to our inspiring world,
a gift from god to his special people and
most of all you are my angel, my wife.
I cherish each and every day with you,
you are the sunshine that makes my day bright.

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