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The Treasure Box

by Patti Richards
(St Julians, Malta)

In my treasure box held within
Encased my heart, tears and skin
Lies our memories locked so tight
Reverberates in dead of night

I keep your smiles and warm embrace
Secreted deep in that special place
Never to bask in the warmth of you
Voids only passion left to imbue

A ghostlike ship without its ocean
A vacant soul without emotion
You left me there broken and smite
No future to behold without respite

Peace will come an earthbound sigh
When angels weep and float on high
My broken heart could not endure
Nor passions faith adoring and pure

My treasure box clutched to my heart
Where the circle of life to gently depart
And with my soul dejected and hollow
To quietly leave when none can follow

© 2010 Patti Richards

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