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A Daughter's Love for Her Dad - Visitor's Story

by Bradley Hegg
(West Allis, WI, USA)

I am sharing this story because it is one to be told.

20 years ago while serving in the US navy in Scotland, I Bradley Hegg got a young lady pregnant who I was dating. The US at the time was at war and I had just gotten orders to come back to the State side to Jacksonville, FLA.

Well I fell out of contact with my ex girlfriend. I never knew what my child was as far as a baby girl or boy. Through the years I had tried to find this lovely lady since I had to leave Scotland. No such luck.

Well I am a firm believer that if you try hard enough at something, something good will come out of it. 2 weeks ago it did. My beautiful now 20-year-old daughter got hold of me from Scotland through Facebook. Something else, she just had a baby of her own.

Not only did I become a dad but a grandpa in one day. I will embrace the chance to be in their lives as long as i am alive. We now talk on Facebook and occasionally on the telephone, we are setting up the webcam to save some money so we can soon meet.

I love them with all of my heart.


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