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Visitors' Inspiring Stories and Poems

Here's where you can read my site visitors' inspiring stories and poems!

In the words of Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky(1821-1881) : "Stories of beautiful lives and courageous and virtuous deeds, even in this age of skepticism and negativity, are the best weapons for combating the illnesses afflicting society.

Today, let these submitted poems and stories bring you inspiration, hope and insights. These are original and uplifting pieces that visitors have submitted to this site from 2008 till mid 2012.

This page is no longer accepting any new submissions, while I take some time to trim and refine the current collection of published pieces.

After reading a story/poem, please take a quick minute to leave your kind comment and thoughts to let the author/poet know you've enjoyed it. My contributors will be thrilled to get a response from a reader. Thank you!

Inspiring Stories and Poems
Submitted by Site Visitors

Click below to read the stories and poems submitted by other site visitors to this page....

Compass in the Wilderness   I searched and searched the world around
In hope of faith and meaning;
Beyond closed doors and busy streets
Along smoky alleys I sat weeping.

Paths ...

Rose Jewel  When you look at me my Darling;
Do you see the lady of your dream or a mere fantasy?
Distant, so far to reach;
Hair falling at the shoulders - caressing,...

Finding Love  With voices and chaos all around
I still feel alone
My heart is empty--I m cold
There is no love for me to hold

My memories of us from the past

Don't Judge Me  As I put my thoughts together and look to the skies,
Holding back the tears in my eyes,
Soaking up the pain as I swallow my pride,
Releasing the thoughts ...

Fear vs. Changing Gears  My fears are all too much,

I have so little control and I fuss.

Why do I let my fears overtake me?

No worries - I will not turn away and flee....

Death  If you fear me, it is because you do not understand me. For if you understood me, you would accept me as you accept life itself.

If you suffer pain ...

I'm a clinging vine
to what?
To love, to dreams, to hope
settles in my spirit
I'm reaching for
the positive experience
of life...
Does ...

I Am The Wolf  I am the hunter and the hunted
To live quietly and in peace is all I've wanted
You rarely see me, I stand silently guarding; I see you
I remain hidden ...

A Memory I Can't Hide  I see your image in the shadows of night
Thoughts of you transcend time and space
Wondering where you are---staring at distant city lights
Wanting you-...

Emmy  A tiny child born out of love
A beautiful, precious gift, from the heavens above
Born innocent of hate and rage
But unknown to her, her time on earth ...

Thoughts in the Wind  It is time for the record to spin,
let the lyrics fly dancing notes upon the wind
we never know what is right for the answers
usually come with the ...

To Fortitude  As I once again gain the sight of you two,
smiles fill my empty space,
not to fear we continue with fortitude,
thankful for the many gifts, wisdom,...

That Bridge 
I would have been sunk without
That bridge
I would have been cut off without
That bridge
That bridge carrying humongous
Track and train ...

When Mom Passed Over to Heaven 
When Mom passed over to heaven.
A new star appeared in the sky.
And God had a brand new angel.
But one who was far from work shy.

And knowing ...

Faith, Hope and Love 
Sometimes I barely have the strength
To even face the day.
I shun my friends and family,
They're only in the way.

That solitude
And loneliness,...

Angel on Earth 
I buried my head in your arms and wept
My life was over there was nothing left
It's what makes you so precious
It's what makes you so rare
Because ...

Performing Without a Net  What did you learn today? Did you learn to believe? Or did you learn to think?

Corporate companies plan our future from the time we're awake till the ...

Bravo, My Heart is Yours 
I'd hug you for hours,
Kiss you for days.
Let you make me smile
In many different ways.

Each time we meet,
My knees go weak and words fall short

The Hoarfrost 
Such beauty to behold
Endures bitterly cold frozen
Narrative of sadness yet untold
Delicate gossamer petals
Emulates the glacial frozen heart
Loves ...

Hope and New Meaning  Despair became a destructive friend of mine
You gave me strength to stand alone again
To try to seek a new happier future once more
I was secluded,...

To Know Love 
To know love's adoring grace
Basked in its joy and divine embrace
Taken to heights of euphoric bliss
Bathed in passion of lingered kiss

To know ...

On Silent Wings 
On silent wings
It ebbed and flew
To take the love
You thought you knew
Arch and swiftly poised
To asunder
No caveat or counsel
Nor reflection ...

Footprints in the Sand  The feeling of hope and unimpeachable dreams abound
Breathing in the wonderfulness of nostalgic tranquil heat
A place that’s mine, my sanctuary a fragile ...

Maybe today maybe tomorrow
who knows where will it be
happy or in sorrow, all we have is
today so only focus on it
never worry about what mays ...

Blessings Will Arrive 
Before the floodgates
of heaven are opened,
we must thoroughly clean
every room in our house -
mind, heart, body, and soul.

Blessings arrive ...

My Mom's Bravery   (A short story of courage and bravery of my Mom who has been fighting diabetes for years.)

My Mom who has been suffering from diabetes for years is ...

Nohra C. Leschyson's Quotes - Visitor's Inspiring Quotes  1. "It doesn't matter what your circumstances are, never think you are alone. A protective and invisible loving being is always taking care of you. You ...

The Treasure Box 
In my treasure box held within
Encased my heart, tears and skin
Lies our memories locked so tight
Reverberates in dead of night

I keep your smiles ...

My Soul Cried Out Hope  Just because we take different roads,
does not mean we've gotten lost,
it just means we have to find our way.
We have to be ready,
to learn what changes ...

You Didn't Know Me  You didn't know me as a child at home
You didn't see me when I joined the Marines
You weren't with me in Vietnam
But you see me now, homeless, on the ...

Occupy Yourself  "With credit card shopping available in one hand and my smartphone in the other, I'm living the current American dream..."

Recently, I was asked why ...

My Second Chance at Living Life 
I blinked back tears of pain as I crawled into bed. My neck muscles were in spasms again. Like a “Charlie horse, they squeezed tighter and ...

Go and Get Your Dream  Go and get your dream

It belongs to no one else but you

Don't hide behind fear

Don't allow negativity to get in your ear

Whatever you think ...

Content  Warning: This story may raise your blood pressure.

I can't accept the word "content". To be content is like death. If I had accepted content (complacency)...

I Am Not A Victim of Breast Cancer  I am not a victim of breast cancer.
I am experiencing breast cancer.

I am not dying.
I am living.

I am not curing.
I am healing and restoring....

Child of the King  I’ve never been a cheerleader,
Or a beauty queen.
Still, I’m a child of the king.

I’ve never pulled up in a stretch limousine.
Still, I’m a child ...

I Will Smile 
I will smile

Because it could make someone else smile
Because it destroys the pain
Because I want to be remembered for it
Because I want to make ...

God's Gift  Do I believe in Valentine's Day or is it just another hectic day?
Then why do I think of you and feel so down and blue today?
Feeling poignantly empty,...

Daddy's Little Girl  I'm always going to be daddy's little girl
I was a tomboy from the start
No dresses for me, my hair was never pretty and curled
Never was into dolls,...

WOMAN: A Broken Valentine 
When one has loved, and loved so much,
“Goodbye is a silly song;
But sillier still is your stranger’s touch
When I have loved so long.

When love ...

Fear of Death 
For the first time in my life
I am fearful of something,
I am scared of not living
enough years to love the way
I've been loving life,
loving ...

Be My Valentine 
I have felt love's adoring grace
Basked in its joy and divine embrace
I miss sorely to gaze upon your face
Love's absent spirit from distant space

Alien Tongues  The other day, I went over my old files to choose those I would condemn to the fire and those I would keep for one reason or another.

I dug into old ...

Seven Poems of Desire - Valentine's Special  Romance. Life. Healing. Love. Nature. Mystery. Magic.

I really enjoyed the screenplay to the 2004 American film "Sideways" and its use of metaphors....

Arduous  Lifting the weight of love
Arduous rising in recovery,
Left with only the experience,
Pictures in the mind recoil,
Waking with ease, erased effects,...

A Letter to Those Wanting Inspiration  Dear Person in Need of Inspiration,

What’s the point of life? I will be completely honest, I have no idea. All I do know is that life is short, too ...

An Unpolluted Day  My Earth with drizzling showers of rain,
Our efforts didn't go in vain.
Look at my Earth full of green pastures
Birds singing with immense pleasure

Education for Revolution  'Give me Education' is the voice of every single child,
With its system not making us go wild.
We need education to make a revolution,
Giving every ...

My Everlasting Dream   So here I am, standing on the ground
I've only made for myself.
The dream I've had,
has only been belittled by some.
Pretending like this is going ...

I'll Love You Forever - Visitor's Love Poem  Married for years
We watched as the kids grew
At last alone, but something brought fear
Our lives were changing, this I knew

Your health wasn't the ...

Olympic Sized Pity Pool  An old Cherokee Indian Grandfather was teaching his grandson about life.

"Inside each one of us there are two wolves constantly fighting," he said. "One ...

Overcoming Challenges in Life - Visitor's Poem  Many great people from their humble beginnings experienced plenty of hardships.

They were sadly born into a cruel, hostile environment,
living miserably ...

Peaceful Paradise - Visitors Poem  Can the World ever come to peace and let all the wars,
violence and greed really cease as the millions starving we should and want to feed as this is ...

Behind the Sweet Smile - Visitor's Poem  I have a sweet smile,
Making my friends laugh every time they cry.
I have a lovely face,
That is always there to give them a warm embrace.

Behind ...

Life of Our Choice  A new record time of 1:02. While cycling yesterday I did what I had hoped I could realize someday. Break my old long-standing and hard to top old record ...

Life’s New Shelter - Visitor's Love Poem  Nature’s deepest cadence flow and tease a lover’s dance
For loves new phase embracing trust, hope and perhaps chance
To bathe in a glow of happier halcyon ...

Happiness  They say we become our environment. That we cultivate our environment.

I'll set the scene in your mind for you. Picture a grocery store with a man in ...

I Will Visit My Friend - Visitor's Poem 
Life is too busy, life is too fast
Life isn’t what it was in the past
I want to visit or call and say hi
I never actually do it, but I really do ...

Unwrap Yourself  We arrive not totally wired nor totally assembled like an electric jigsaw puzzle. And thru life we are just trying to figure out how all our pieces go ...

Reflections  A compilation of inspiring quotations named Reflections by Canadian writer, Miles Patrick Yohnke.

My Angel - Visitor's Love Poem  My inspiring angel, my beloved wife
your inspirations and contributions and
your submissions made life changes in my life.
Many life's obstacles ...

The Mouse In The Corner - Visitor's Poem 
Five scurrying little mice
ran into the school room
One's name was Jimmy
"Hi Jimmy" He said nothing

I picked him up and cupped
him between ...

Driftwood - Visitor's Poem 
Drifting down the river

I saw a dead wood there.

Seemingly insignificant,

lifeless and so bare.

Flowing down that river

Trusting ...

Deep Waters - Visitor's Poem  I looked into your eyes one day
And fell into your soul
I had not travelled there before
It was a strange and confusing journey

I had walked the ...

What Can I Do? - Visitor's Poem  Every day I wake up wondering what I'm going to do, and everyday I get the same result which is that "I don't have a clue."

I need to figure things ...

No Better Then Me - Visitor's Poem  Well I am down in the dumps today.
I am not happy at all.
The sun is kinda dim and the wind blows cold.
I would like to be somewhere else.
I am not ...

On The Prowl - Visitor's Sad Love Poem  Well now babe you are home all alone.
While I was not around.
Did you go into town today.
To look for the love you never found.
Did you see her standing ...

Sister Bond - Visitor's Poem  There were five girls.
Who once were young.
Who called themselves the Sister Bond.
We would stand beside each other if one of us should fall.
For our ...

Thee Angel - Visitor's Poem  Have you ever see an angel?
So beautiful and kind.
With eyes of blue and a heart so fine.
With hair of gold shining bright.
An angel with a smile that ...

Forever Under His Wings - Visitor's Poem  Site visitor's personal story of dealing with Bipolar written into a poem in the hope to inspire others.

Brandon Micheal Stewart's No Doubt - Visitor's Love Poem  You are the only girl in my heart
People can try to tear us apart
But you know I'll never depart
because there's only room for you in my heart
even ...

Nothing There For Me - Visitor's Letting Go Love Poem  There was a man I dated fifteen years ago.
He gave me a diamond ring and one single red rose.
I guess this was his way of showing me love I suppose....

A Mother's Love - Visitor's Poem 
Love is a butterfly.
Fluttering in the wind.
Love is My Mother my best friend.
Love is a rose which blooms in the spring.
Love is My Mother a rose ...

Angel's Wings - Visitor's Poem  No one knows how much you mean to me,
if I tried to explain it, they really wouldn't see.
You are more than just my family, more than just my friend....

I'll Never Forget - Visitor's Poem  I'm thinking of you, even when I don't call.
From the love you gave, one's tears fall.
My heart is happy, from the joy you bring.
I must say, you are ...

I Have a Dream - Visitor's Poem  I have a dream that all women will be free from violence
That they could take their breath with comfort
I have a dream that all girls will be free from ...

A Lesson On Being Kind - Visitor's Message  What can we learn, how can we be kind, what is the meaning, what is the truth behind being kind?

To be kind we need to always have consideration and ...

Chronic Pediatric Blood Disorders - Visitor's Story  I used to think the worst thing that could happen to my child is to develop cancer. I used to think that would be absolutely unbearable... But unfortunately,...

The Dream - Visitor's Poem  The moon is aglow, here I go.
I don't know where I'm going.
Stars glistening like diamonds.
In a dusty storm.
This road seems long I'm all alone.

God's Love is Unconditional - Visitor's Poem  He gave me unconditional love,
I hold it so very tight.
His love is higher than any mountain.
Yeah, his love is deeper than any sea.
I give him my ...

Fallen Angel Heart - Visitor's Poem  While walking down the street of main.
I saw a homeless man.
His eyes were sad he was cold and hungry.
This did make my heart pain.
So I asked him ...

We Will Never Know - Visitor's Love Poem  Why do I keep the worst in mind?

Why do I keep thinking someday you won't be mine?

What about when you're sad will she know how to cheer you up?

Will ...

My Heart Was You - Visitor's Sad Love Poem  Stars glistening in the sky my love for you was true.
Moon shines bright in the sky I really once loved you.
Winds howls softly as rains falls down.
Babe ...

Why Would I Hate? - Visitor's Poem  All of us know some people
Of whom we just really can’t stand
Those loathsome, mean people
Who just do not understand

Their words bite like sharks,...

Death - Visitor's Poem  You Death, a thief, yes a thief, you take when we least expect, and you never return what you take.

How can you be so cruel, we keep asking, taking ...

Up On The Mountain - Visitor's Poem  There was a sun set.
Which shone far into a blue sky.
Upon this mountain top I sat and cried.
Lord this mountain is so high.
I can almost reach the ...

Lucid Clouds - Visitor's Poem  Lucid dreams inside my immortality,

Vanity trying to rule my character,

Do I 'think' written lines, or are they mine,

Vanilla Sky's under a Monet ...

My Sister Donna - Visitor's Poem  I want to tell people out there who reads my words.
My sister Donna was a wonderful person.
She was kind-hearted.
She was a daughter, a sister, a wonderful ...

Silver Lining - Visitor's Poem  There our sliver wings in blue skies.
Far beyond my reach.
No they're not standing beside me no more.
But I feel them in my heart always.
I see sliver ...

An Alcoholic - Visitor's Poem  The alcoholic is one who needs to drink everyday.
They want that bottle of booze in their hands.
They just never understand the pain.
Until it's too ...

While Out and About One Day - Visitor's Poem  While I was out and about today.
I took a walk down memory lane.
Just to think about the good old days.
Then I came upon the place.
It was thee old ...

Sometimes - Visitor's Sad Love Poem  I don’t know why every time I think of you
I just can’t help myself falling into you

God "Within" - Visitor's Poem 
Every passing breeze brings miracle,
Every sway of one single leaf sends hope,
Every second means new life;
Unforgettable second of my life
As our ...

Birds Sing A Lullaby - Visitor's Poem  While the leaves fall from the trees outside.
I can feel a light breeze blow by.
Fall is here once again.
I feel sad inside.
I hear birds sing outside ...

Lost Loved Ones Too - Visitor's Poem 
See the candle glows in the window,
while the snow falls softly to the ground.
Do you see the beauty in a person
as they would laugh, cry or frown?...

Heart of Sadness - Visitor's Poem 
Time rushes fast
I've been useless since that day
Since my heart has been painted with gray

My soul is filled with dust
Rotten by a decade longing

I'm Not Fooled - Visitor's Love Poem  You own a piece of me, a feeling within, like a disc, stuck on repeat. We share a love that is nothing but bitter sweet. I look at you and know for sure,...

Costa Bound - Visitor's Poem 
Last week I took a plane to Spain.
And halfway through the flight,
I walked into the cockpit,
and gave the pilots quite a fright.

With a banana ...

The Raffle - Visitor's Funny Poem  Last week I came first in a raffle.
But I refused to accept the first prize.
I settled instead for second hand boots,
which happened to be the right ...

The Day My Grandfather Took Off His Patent Leather Pumps - Visitor's Story  As I look back on my life with great affection for certain people, of all the people I remember with gratitude, my grandfather stands out. He was a man ...

My Montra - Visitor's Poem  The terrifying storm sets in,
the rain and wind to come,
All I can do is wait and wonder, when it will be done...

Beautiful and bright, sunny and ...

Life in the Last Lane - Visitor's Story  Just last week, I received news that my very best high school friend passed away. I frantically found his younger brother's phone number and got the scoop....

Never Forget - Visitor's Story  I had pulled into the parking lot of a neighborhood grocery store, as I stepped out of the car I saw an elderly man, gray and full of lines sitting in ...

Short Inspirational Poems by Visitors  An original collection of short inspirational poems submitted by site visitors to

My Memory of You - Visitor's Love Poem  I miss the way you used to hug me,
I miss the way you kissed my lips,
but most of all I miss the way you held me and my heart with sweet and tender bliss

Love Me - Visitor's Love Poem  Take me as I am, love me, hold me, support me, show me the way. Welcome me unto your world, teach me the things that I don't know, hold my hand and walk ...

My Little Life Story - Visitor's Poem  I had my first boyfriend. Never really knew what relationships were about. I found out the hard way. I took the wrong route.

I ...

Percy - Visitor's Little Poem 
If I were a human I would be soooo cute
I wouldn't just lounge in my birthday suit
I would dress so nice with shoes to match
I probably would even ...

Nurture - Visitor's Poem 
Branches reach out from birth
Tentacles of experiences nurtured
Fresh grass cut to enlighten scent
Burning, sensational smoke
Moist lips of nectar ...

What Am I To You - Visitor's Poem  Am I of flesh, blood, beauty and love that linger in the darkness,
or something for your amusement, just to call your boo,
can you see my inner charms,...

Babies Need - Visitor's Poem  Babies need shoes, clothes, and loving care
combs, brushes, and oil for their hair
lotion for their skin and baby oil too
socks, booties and to play ...

Why Are We So The Same? - Visitor's Poem  So charming… so candid

With longings wild and vain

Spirit flies up to the heavens

Why are we so the same?

Glaring at the night skies

A New Day - Visitor's Poem  Sometimes when I'm alone I cry
I pinch myself and ask stupid questions like, Why? Lord why?
But in the end I know I'm only half the woman I could be ...

Joie de vivre - Visitor's Poem  To hear the smile I affect on others engages my cause,
Cost nothing to enable confidence in those who are down,
Make them laugh behind tears and the ...

The Amphibians - Visitor's Poem  The frogs like to hear their own sounds
in the muddy river,
it sounds like million drummers,
all sounding their hollow drums
at furious rate,
I ...

Tomorrow - Visitor's Love Poem  If I did not get another tomorrow,
I wonder, would you feel any pain or sorrow?
Would you regret all those insults and harmful words?
All the daggers ...

Genesis Clock - Visitor's Poem  Collectively we have gathered our insanity,
Questions of his existence without answers,
Big bang postulations of apparent superior minds
Without room ...

A Tribute to My Wife - Visitor's Love Poem  J oy in my heart is overwhelming and outpouring

E verytime I wake up each and every morning

N ot overlooking to ponder and start praying

N ever ...

Our Love Story by SBM - Visitor's Love Poem  I know I have found the right woman for me,

The moment I met her in the faculty,

As I laid my eyes on her with purity

She extended her hand and ...

The Passing of Strangers - Vistior's Poem  The passing of strangers

Leaves always a trail
Of gentle words unsaid...

Of kindness unwrought
In silver pieces
Unfingered, unseen...

Of ...

Remembering Grandma - Visitor's Poem  Dear Grandma,

When I see a butterfly,

It brings such peace to me.

I remember numerous memories,

Of how it used to be.

I can see ...

That Special Place - Visitor's Poem  As I'm looking into the sky,

I see the most beautiful butterfly.

I focused to see it

all yellow and black

within a minute it lands on my ...

He Spoke To Me - Visitor's Story  It was April 30, 2011. I got up in the morning and some how managed to convince my little girl to go with me down RT30 and pick up garbage along side of ...

A Letter to Heaven - Visitor's Poem  To my dear friend in heaven

I ask a favor of you

send me down your strength

so I can make it through.

I'm kind of feeling empty,

at times ...

To My Children, As I Grow Old - Visitor's Poem  Love is not a word that falls
From careless, casual lips;
Love is not a warmth that stalls
On frozen fingertips.

Love is not a hurried kiss ...

Jake - Visitor's Story  I worked at a small antiques and consignment shop in Charleston, SC. It was early, business was slow, so I went outside to water the plants. That's when ...

For A Pinch of Love - Visitor's Heartbroken Love Poem  One cup of blood…

Stabbed for several times

Murdered by a wicked hand

Veins were cut

Am I trying ...

Wondering.... - Visitor's Poem  I found myself in a labyrinth of feelings,
seeing that all that is happening are real things.
It causes some fear in me, 'cause I remember,
the last ...

Tearing Up My Heart - Visitor's Heartbreak Poem  One day I feel so sad when I decided to let you go
But when I realized that it is the hardest thing ...

Do Not Think of Me as Gone - Visitor's Poem  Do not think of me as gone,
and no longer part of you.
If I were gone, how would I know,
the things you say and do?

The fact that you can't see ...

Truth - Visitor's Poem  What is truth? And how can we trust it?
Truth can change as time passes by.
What today is considered the truth.
May tomorrow be proved just a lie.

Truth ...

The Fickle Finger of Fate - Visitor's Poem  If what will be will be.
Then I know it rests with me.
To accept the fact, and do the best I can.
For if it is ordained.
As I think I've just explained....

I Am a Free Spirit - Visitor's Poem 
I can go where my fancy takes me.
For like the breeze, my Spirit is free.
And I sit not in judgement of my fellow man.
Nor he in judgement of me....

Slowly Moving On - Visitor's Encouraging Love Poem  It starts with all the right words and ends with tears and hurtful goodbyes.
The moment you watch him walk away you feel all the promises fade.
You slowly ...

She is Gone - Visitor's Loss Poem  Silence filled the hallway...
you can hear nothing but his footsteps going left right right left...
hearing his whispers to himself...
wondering what ...

Pick a Moment - Visitor's Poem  Pick a faded moment that passed through your heart,

Touch a memory that made you close your eyes,

Reach back and slowly grasp the scent of her body,...

Some Find - Visitor's Funny Poem 
"Look in your attic," my neighbour said.
"In there many treasures abound.
Stored, and then quite forgotten.
Dust caked, they wait to be found."

"Antique ...

Reflection: Broadcasting of Our Life - Visitor's Poem  Whatever we do is known as Action,
Our action may cause huge attraction,
But when somebody wants to judge us,
They can easily do so by our reflection....

Praisings 24/7 - Visitor's Poem 
With the break of Dawn,
She wakes up;
Time for her praisings,
Along with Tea's cup.

She stands up from the bed,
Rubbing her eyes so hard;
Wants ...

You, The Drug - Visitor's Love Poem  My day starts with you,
My day ends with you;
Whenever I'm thinking baby,
It's you and only you.

I'm so happy to have you,
You have changed my ...

Give Unconditional Love - Visitor's Poem  When you give from your heart with joy that fills your
soul with pure delight...
Others will feel your sincerity that comes from deep within
your core,...

Thank You My Dear Friend - Visitor's Poem  I give thanks for your devoted friendship that stays within

my heart with appreciation and love...

The times we've shared are many, filled with ...

The Essence Of Your Touch - Visitor's Love Poem  As I gaze into the sunlight, I think of your beautiful

smile that shines so bright with love like never before...

Reflections of you linger in ...

When You Left - Visitor's Poem  When you left us on that peaceful summer day...
our hearts went with you to heaven, with not much left to say...
Your time on earth was finished as the ...

Talk Things Out - Visitor's Poem  It's always good to talk things out,
Tell others how you feel,
You need to get it out in the open,
You need to make it real.

Talking things out ...

The Good Deed - Visitor's Funny Poem  Dear Father Christmas, please send mummy a few Quid.
'Cos daddy has gone and left us, and I'm one of seven kids.
Just enough to buy some food, and mummy ...

Who's Been Sleeping in My Grave - Visitor's Funny Poem  A drunk went into a graveyard.
full of whisky, and so feeling brave.
And too dark to see where he was going.
He fell into a freshly dug grave.

And ...

I Hate That Pig - Visitor's Funny Poem  I was taking a pig to market.
And I stopped at the Frog and Toad.
And while I went inside for a drink,
the pig lay down in the road.

And having had ...

Please Spare a Moment - Visitor's Poem  It takes but a moment in a busy day,
to send up a healing prayer.
For all those unfortunate people.
In need of some loving care.

Let us ask healing ...

Miracles - Visitor's Poem 
I am done existing
I can't do it anymore
So I'm on this cliff above the ocean
Trying to jump but looking around before
And as I stand here, I can'...

The Inmate - Visitor's Funny Poem  While visiting a mental asylum
I wandered alone through the grounds.
And I stopped to admire the Flora.
And the well-kept grass verge surrounds.

And ...

An Ode to Actor's Revenge - Visitor's Funny Poem 
He had positioned himself stage centre.
And was giving the audience his all.
When suddenly a seat went up with a "BANG!"
And a woman walked down ...

Forever Us - Visitor's Poem  I know you take comfort from knowing,
I'm still with you, still love you and care.
But it's important to me that you realise,
I am always myself when ...

Never Forgotten - Visitor's Loss Poem 
You were there for me
I was there for you
Now you are gone I don't know what I will do
It seems the world is moving so fast
Now that you have passed

A Summer's Morn In Merrylands Meadow - Visitor's Poem  Oh the joy of a balmy summer's morning.
And lush green grass beneath my feet.
To watch bumble bees kissing wild flowers.
While gathering sweet nectar ...

The Touch of Another - Visitor's Poem  The touch of another can mean many different things,
the touch of a handshake and its meaning
to be polite, respectful, and diplomatic.
The touch of ...

Mother's Day - Visitor's Poem  There is a silence deep in my heart
What I know of you
You are a mirror where I could see
My shadow in you
Your smile as warm as morning sun
You ...

This I Know For Sure - Visitor's Story  As I grow older, I have found the school of life to be one of the greatest tutors I have ever come across. It is priceless; the mountains of values, wisdom ...

The September of My Years - Visitor's Poem  And so. Having reached my September.
I can only watch the passing of time.
And hope the world is a little better for my being.
While maturing like a ...

Nobody Understands - Visitor's Poem  It's funny how things can suddenly change,
you're trying to adapt but everything is turning strange,
your mind is nearly deranged,
and it's going down ...

The Clumsy Undertaker - Visitor's Funny Poem  "Please accept our sympathy."
The undertaker told the wife.
"Your husband was a splendid chap.
I knew him all his life."

Then, when carrying the ...

Sarah - Visitor's Deep Love Poem 
"Sarah, oh my Sarah!
I don't know what to do.
I promised you I wouldn't cry.
But oh! I'm missing you!"

"I struggled through your funeral.
Now ...

Summer - Visitor's Poem 
Look at the grass, and look at the skies,
Appreciate nature and lend it your eyes,
And just realise, the beauty of earth,
the smell of the flowers ...

I'm Off To The Summerland - Visitor's Funny Poem  Don't invite me round for Christmas,
For I really couldn't stay.
'cos I'm hiding from the taxman,
who thinks I ought to pay.

But I'm a step or two ...

So They Do They Play Bowls In Heaven - Visitor's Funny Story  Billy and John were out on the bowling green in England.

And Billy said: "I wonder if they play bowls in heaven? And if so, I wonder if it ever rains ...

Now I Am Gone - Visitor's Poem  Don't grieve for me now I am gone.
And please don't wish me back again.
I am at peace within the light.
No longer sick. And free from pain.

Be ...

A Prayer for All Religions - Visitor's Poem 
My friends may peace be with you.
Every colour, culture, creed.
May your god both; bless and guide you,
And satisfy your needs.

May your dreams ...

Tick Tock - Visitor's God Poem  Tick tock, tick tock
Scuttle, scuttle - eyes on the clock
Tick tock, tick tock
The ol clock sneers - tick, tock, mock

You’re running late, you’re ...

The Vagabond - Visitor's Spiritual Poem  "You can't sleep there," the policeman said
to the vagabond who lay on the seat.
And taking him roughly by the arm,
he pulled him up onto his feet.

Then ...

And God Said - Visitor's Poem 
Be not afraid my precious ones
When your time on earth is through.
Death is but a change of life.
No harm will come to you.

No need to fret or ...

Don't Grieve For Me - Visitor's Poem  Don't grieve for me, I did not die.

I was merely called away.

I did not want to leave you.

Yet neither could I stay.

But I'm just a thought ...

About Love - Visitor's Love Poem  You fall in love and you get stupid
When you're hurt it feels like you're being "murdered"
You think of things that maybe will happen in the future then ...

Alone In This Beautiful World - Visitor's Poem  Now that I live to face this expected moment,
Knowing you and myself, I no longer lament,
I look back at those emotions we gave vent,
And after all ...

Healing - Visitor's Poem 
Healing is a gift from God given to special people
whom He chooses to anoint for such a special task.
Healing doesn't just come from the medicine ...

Somebody - Visitor's Poem  Many times in life we feel
somebody is there who knows how to heal.
Have you ever felt somebody touch your soul?
Somebody inspiring you to accomplish ...

The Forbidden Love - Visitor's Love Poem  When I’m with you
I forget the place and the time
I forget who I am
When I’ve known you
I’ve learned to say things
That I was scared to say it to ...

Who Knows? - Visitor's Poem 
Who knows
what will tomorrow bring?
Who knows
what will our fate hide?
We always wish that
it’s going to be good news
that’s going to be sunny ...

Freedom - Visitor's Poem  People said that :
I must be cheerful I must be kind...
I must have patience I mustn't run and hide...
I must have stability and not to be wild...
I ...

The Robot Poem - Visitor's Poem  I'm simply made of metal,
And yes it's really crap,
My life only consists of copper wires and plain old scrap,
I only beep and flash,
Sometimes I ...

I Love All These - Visitor's Inspiring Poem  These are my life...
The twinkling stars, the splendid moonlights,
the lingering twilights and the wafting breezes...

I love all these...
An enchanting ...

God's Answer to My Prayers - Visitor's Poem 
Be careful of what you ask for
God tends to meet your “need
But he is a God with humor
With low tolerance for greed

One day I asked for strength

Love You - Visitor's Love Poem 
Every night, I dream about you
Every day, I say good morning to you
Every hour, I think about you
Tell me if that say I love you
Yeah I love you ...

Mission: Possible (Once Upon a Lifetime)  ["Do you want your tombstone to read: 'here lies the problem' or 'here lies the solution'. Each of us can do great things. We get but one life. Let's make ...

You Asked I Said No! (About Drugs) - Visitor's Poem  You are tired of the pain
Trying to make everything right
Holding the rules tight
Escaping the fight.
But every time you do you fail
Come with me ...

A Daughter's Love for Her Dad - Visitor's Story  I am sharing this story because it is one to be told.

20 years ago while serving in the US navy in Scotland, I Bradley Hegg got a young lady pregnant ...

Moving Around Furniture - Visitor's Story  I still have no clue why from very beginning, I loved moving around furniture, wherever I lived. I use to do it at my parents' too when I lived with them....

The Party Man - Visitor's Poem 
Remember how,
It used to be
You and me
And your best friend
Made three!
Lack of knowledge
Made me an easy mark,
Can't see the light
When you ...

Amazing Grace - Visitor's Poem  Amazing Grace

My Grace,

Can't be beguiled,

Thur life's times,

Test and trials!

She's an Angel "you ...

How I Blamed Mother Nature - Visitor's Story  I got bad news yesterday morning that my cousin, who is more like a friend to me lost her baby girl before she could welcome her to her life and this world....

A Woman's Beauty and Splendour Revealed - Visitor's Poem  There comes a time when the perception of a woman as domestic slave, doormat and sexual object is eradicated and her beauty and splendour acknowledged ...

Single Mom - Visitor's Poem  Please don't make light of the battles I've won

or diminish my life with my daughter and son

Open your eyes, and maybe you'll see...

It's here ...

Breathless - Visitor's Poem 
White clouds in the sky
slowly floating by.

Bright orange sunset...burning.

Brilliant light on the sea,
reflecting back at me.

Deep dark ...

The Truth - Visitor's Poem 
We spend what time we have
only to find in years to come,
what we needed all along
Was ours to have long ago

Time takes its toll
And although ...

Remembering A Departed Friend - Visitor's Poem  Those of us who are living, found our friend to be gone forever…
Those of us who are in lamentation, have wept for she will never return…
Those of us ...

Inseparable Friends - Visitor's Poem  You are my world, you are my heart,
I knew you were the one, from the start,
our friendship is on a level no one can compare,
our friendship is filled ...

What Matters Today Means Nothing Tomorrow - Visitor's Story  I try to reflect on self by sitting down quietly everyday for 15 minutes after my son, Gautam goes to bed. This is a time when I try to recall every little ...

My Beautiful Wife - Visitor's Poem  Your smile is my heart's delight,
Scintillating as the gleam of light,
Your presence is like a placid morn,
Times when I am languidly worn,
A feel ...

My Village - Visitor's Poem  Some years back, I wrote a short story book based on my childhood experience and observation of my village. I submitted to publisher and still waiting ...

Recipe for Gossip - Visitor's Poem  1 nontoxic harmless action
1 “He said, she said
Multiple backstabbing comments of your choice
5 exaggerations
1 Smirk
1 cup of ...

Booked - Visitor's Poem  Inside me are jumbled up words that make too much noise, talking too much, I try to ignore them but they just keep rambling on. When I see others slam ...

The Colours Of Grief - Visitor's Poem 
How hard it is to fathom,
The sadness in the soul,
How that pain and heartache,
Leave us feeling less than whole,
If grief it were a colour,
It ...

Thank You - Visitor's Poem  Thank you is such a small thing to say when someone's kindness has made your day.

When it feels like life has torn you down...some gentle words can ...

What is Love? - Visitor's Sad Love Poem  I love you but you don't know
I tell you but you just brush it off
I really do I can't tell you how much I do
but what is love if the one you want ...

The Jones Syndrome  Children within adult faces. Recently, as I was cycling to my destination I passed this park. As I went by I heard this male voice. A man was training ...

Our Spacious Hearts - Visitor's Poem 
Spontaneous love caressing you gently
Glowing brightly in your space
The fervor of our energy serenely
Reaching out to you with solace

The space ...

When the Autumn Comes - Visitor's Poem 
When the autumn comes
The sky gets dark
And the leaves start to fall
I know that you've come
I can hear your voice
From the whispers of the wind

Memories - Visitor's Poem 
Memories, who don’t want them, back?
The words that we said
The songs that we sung
The faces that we met
The moments that we shared
We long for ...

The Word LOVE - Visitor's Love Poem  LOVE, is a four–letter word that makes kings, emperors, dictators kneel on their knees and moan from the dawn of man history till the day of resurrection....

Did I Tell You That? - Visitor's Love Poem  Did I tell you that I love your eyes when you smile
because they turn into a piece of moon enlightening my dark life miles?

Did I tell you that I love ...

Treasure Each Special Moment - Visitor's Poem  Deep within my heart and soul, I truly do believe

That I can turn my life around and anything I can achieve

To make this happen, I have to take, a ...

Orchestra of Hope - Visitor's Poem  Words can be so special when they connect with one’s heart

They inspire beautiful feelings that will never soon depart

A truly wonderful connection,...

Let the Wind Set Sail - Visitor's Poem 
Start your day in a positive light

Aim for your goals, as high as a kite

Cherish each moment in your every day

Share your learning, in a meaningful ...

Let Your Love Shine Everywhere - Visitor's Poem 
Shine a light in every corner of our heart
Light up the magic in every little part

Shine a light in every corner of our dream
Like the mighty ...

Have You Lived Enough? - Visitor's Poem  Have you lived enough? Enough to say you lived your life to the fullest.

Do you appreciate the fact that you are blessed with everything you always ...

The Power of Making a Change - Visitor's Message  You have all heard about people wanting to make a change, possibly from their daily lives, yet they never seem to do so. Well for me when I hear make a ...

Lost in Thought: Journey Back to the Present Moment - Visitor's Story  At an early age, unbeknownst to my conscious mind, I started forming a belief system that I was a mistake, unlovable, worthless, somehow flawed, and that ...

Grandma R.I.P. - Visitor's Poem 
Shaking my head I never knew
I would see her in a hospital bed, dead
thinking to myself how did this happen
tears running down my face
like it's ...

These Days - Visitor's Friendship Poem 
These lines change my life
today you are part of me and
I send you these beautiful words
you are special to me always
I want to tell you
friends ...

Transfigure Me to Child - Visitor's Poem  I want to be a child
Who don't care a cent for life
And try to dare all the fear of the life
I want to think like a child
I want to act like a child

Self-Portrait - Visitor's Poem 
You whom I see in me
From the black soil of Africa
A big family tree
With many branches around you
As you vividly see yourself . . .
You've never ...

Joyful Life  Turn your weaknesses into your strengths. Success is failure turned inside out.

We need to find a deeper meaning in life. Our duty, as artists, is to ...

Forever - Visitor's Love Poem 
Your eyes are what
made me fall
I gave you my number
and you really called
We've been together
almost 6 years
We actually made it
through the ...

I Run... - Visitor's Poem  Take my shoes
o please please do
I don't want them anymore
walk a mile in them and see
I run
I run because I don't know how to walk anymore
so I ...

Addicted to Win - Visitor's Poem  Somehow – today, on this Christmas Eve, I miss my bus-stand.
You should hear how I lived in Mumbai during and after my hostel life
I thought those were ...

Past is Deep - Visitor's Poem 
I am stuck up in the memories of past.
some, making me feel sorrowful,
some greeting me gleefully,
some memories which I recall with regret
and ...

This Is For Them - Visitor's Poem  This is for them,
The ones who stand on the sidelines waiting to be picked up.
The ones whose bedrooms are full of the tears from all those times, the ...

Trapped In My Tragedy - Visitor's Poem  Trapped. With no light and no air,
I can't see, but I can breathe.
My heart is beating fast.
I don't feel it but I can hear.
It echoes a thousand ...

We are the Miracle  Recently I was corresponding with someone from Papua New Guinea (PNG). The person spoke of the roads there. Their government is always saying they have ...

My Journey Towards Death - Visitor's Poem  Thoughts of my journey towards death, journey beyond it where there is absence of life, had to look for the answer, thoughts had to look for the meaning....

News - Visitor's Poem  Looking back as the year comes to a close I reflect on what’s gone on by

War and hunger, poverty and rage…. I shake my head and sigh

An ever ...

Weather - Visitor's Poem 
A giggle of sunshine
A frown of fog
A shrug of a breeze
A hug of smog

Our british weather
is an emotive feller
but makes a green and pleasant ...

As She Died - Visitor's Poem  "Please my daughter, don't cry, be strong for your sisters, I love all of you."

That was her final words, I thought I was dreaming, that I would wake ...

I Will Always Be There - Visitor's Friendship Poem 
When you are scared
And no one seems to care
Just remember
That I will always be there
I don't care if you are near or far
I will find you where ...

About Julisa - Visitor's Love Poem  I have never thought
I never would have known
how much I truly loved you
until I look into your eyes again,
you are my soul mate
my lover
my best ...

Dear Love - Visitor's Poem  So, tell me, who exactly are you?
Where are you from?
Because I cannot answer this question myself.
Are you really from God as most people say?
You ...

Why You Left Me? - Visitor's Heartbroken Love Poem  Today I know I will never get to see you the way I did
and never will you hold me again.
I will never get to feel the warmth of your hands
running ...

Cherish What You Have - Visitor's Poem 
Cherish what you have in life,
Because they are all gifts from above,
You need to say thanks to him,
Because it is all given with love.

We really ...

This is the End - Visitor's Poem 
It's hard to say, but this is the end.
I love you dearly, but I can't hold on no more.
Don't cry for I won't be far.
I have no more strength to hold ...

God's Love - Visitor's Poem  God's Love pushes us into his arms,
picks us up when we fall,
even when we feel small his love is always
there to help us stand tall,
God's Love ...

Look in the Mirror - Visitor's Poem 
Look in the mirror,
And what do you see?
Are you proud of yourself?
Are you as happy as can be.

If you are not,
Then you need to take a look,...

On A Night oF a Thousand Stars - Visitor's Love Poem 
It was the night
Of solemn beauty
A night that speaks
Of love remembered in time?

A thousand light shone up
Like it never did before
But only ...

Untitled Poem - Visitor's Love Poem 
I love her so much,

She means everything to me.

And just with one touch,

to herself, she had me.

She is so perfect,

Everything she ...

Parade In Your Name  I want there to be a parade in your name.

I find myself looking past my balcony.
The hard rain. Coffee in hand.

It's peaceful outside.
Yet I find ...

In Love - Visitor's Poem 
Love with all your heart,
and share yourself completely and unconditionally...

Be honest and sincere,
the rewards would make you truly happy...


The Rainbow and Me - Visitor's Poem  Out of darkness, my weak eyes can still see…
Your strong and loving arms embracing me…
Though reaching and touching you are unlikely…
I still feel you ...

With You - Visitor's Love Message  To Albert:

I am just excited right now, I’m like the child in a kiddy party
I am so hopeful, I am autumn and rain to roses and lilies
I am so energetic,...

Thoughts of You - Visitor's Love Poem  I woke up hours ago and you’re the first thought that came to me
I know it sounds crazy but right now that’s just me
I have never been in this state,...

My Crush - Visitor's Story  My favorite topic is love, and my favorite subject is romance-- I am just a sucker for things that truly touches the heart of any person deep within.

I ...

Daybreak - Visitor's Love Poem 
It was a night sprinkled with stars when he came to me
And it was this same night when I first felt felicity
Yes, a weird feeling of bliss, contagiously ...

A Love Story - Visitor's Love Poem  Once there was a young blood who fell in love with me
He was a bit different, but undeniably pretty
He wrote me a love letter which I still keep dearly

Because You're You - Visitor's Love Poem 
My friends try to tell me to forget you
They say you'll only make my life blue
No matter what they say
No matter what I do
It just doesn't work ...

Heart and Mind - Visitor's Love Poem 
My heart longs to be near you,
My mind makes me fear you.
My heart wants to dance with yours,
My mind fears the new floor.
I've never felt scared ...

Your Lovely Smile - Visitor's Love Poem  It's your smile that melts my heart and makes my heart beat fast.

It's your smile that electrifies me.

And it's your smile that I can't let you go....

Isn't It Magic? - Visitor's Love Poem 
Every time we spend time together
It really makes my heart tremble
And I always wanted to be cuddled
Right then and there I felt tickled
Asking ...

iNATURE AND iLIVING  "Happiness is a dead cell phone battery."

God really is the greatest artist. One looks at nature and you realize this. It's all around us. In the smallest ...

A Walk With Hope - Visitor's Poem 
I went for a walk
with Hope today....
and soon I found
I had started to pray.
"Are you there?"
I humbly asked
and Hope replied:
"Remember the ...

How Long? - Visitor's Poem  How long have you been crying, complaining and whining?
Does it reward you, or make you feel better?
You just can’t stop blaming situations and people,...

When I Met You for the First Time - Visitor's Love Poem  When I met you, I felt so strong
My heartbeat for a moment stopped.

When I saw you, I felt so close
My eyes cant endure yours.

When I started to ...

My Beautiful Mother - Visitor's Poem 
My mother is an accomplishment
way in my life....
She never anguishes me;
never wishes me to suffer from pain.

She gladdens my heart,
apologizes ...

Friends - Visitor's Poem  Thank You,

For being strong when I was weak;

Thank You,

For holding my hand when life was slipping away;

Thank You,

For comforting me when ...

Mom, Who is God? - Visitor's Poem 
My friends cannot help me
Some say he "don't" exist
Some say that his son Jesus
Is nothing but a myth

Cory says that his gang
thinks the bible ...

The Clown - Visitor's Poem 
I never saw the humor
at a local circus tent
where laughter is sold to consumer
to pay for food and rent

How sad it must be
to be the jolly ...

I Give You My Heart - Visitor's Love Poem 
the heart is a beautiful thing
yet so fragile
it can be weak it can be strong
it can be warm it can be cold
but we all know that when it falls ...

What About Me - Visitor's Poem 
Sometimes, I feel so lost
I need to find myself
not knowing what I should do.
What about me!
Trying to figure out
what's going on ...

My Guardian Angel - Visitor's Story  Our family was going on a road trip, and everyone was excited, except me. Sure, I was looking forward to the trip, but every year I was forced to drive,...

Nostalgia - Vistior's Poem  'Sniff sniff' Mmmmmmmm
What is that I seem to smell
'sniff sniff' Mmmmmmmm
I think I know it very well

It seems to settle my somewhat frayed nerves

Be Somebody - Visitor's Poem 
Be somebody and be the best
Look down on no one and pass the test
Travel thru life feeling honest and proud
Tell everyone clear and loud
that you ...

Now THAT'S Beautiful! - Visitor's Message  What? Are you nuts? Do you need better glasses? What on earth is SO beautiful in THAT picture?

Go ahead. Take another look. Stare for a minute, if ...

Do The Best - Visitor's Poem 
Do the best that you can,
That's all anyone can ask,
Whether it's big or small,
You can accomplish any task.

You need to work very hard,
And ...

Tears - Visitor's Poem  Why do we cry tears, from hurt, pain or no gain?
Is it because we are not happy or is for joy?
Is it for someone we love that went to heaven above?
Is ...

Connection: Life  INTRODUCTION

"Sometimes awful things have their own kind of beauty. Children of God. That is what we are. And in ways we will always remain children....

Be Still - Visitor's Poem  In the beginning of my storm... just when I'm goin' thru
I lift my voice to Jesus and ask "What shall I do?"
See He knows my problems and He is my source

Persistent - Visitor's Poem 
I’d rather make several mistakes
than not to have tried at all.
I’d rather help the poor in need
than for people to beckon my call.

I’d rather ...

The Power of Love - Visitor's Poem 
It can build-up the cast down,
It can crush a heart of stone.
It can bring out the good;
In anyone who’s bad to the bone.

The power of love!

It ...

Hold On - Visitor's Poem 
If you’ve ever needed help,
And wondered why nobody gave a hand.
You’ll look back and thank them;
Because God had a plan.

Even now, if you’re ...

Nothing Is Compared, Only Measured - Visitor's Poem  costs a lot
great memories
dreadful creatures
scary thoughts
breathing trees
shaking knees
controlling me
confining you
just ...

Honey - Visitor's Poem 
you are, and charming too...
i adore you in my silent ways
you have smiles that touched my very soul
with sleepy eyes stir deeply my emotions....

Rise Above Adversity - Visitor's Poem 
If the winds of adversity are blowing your way,
it may be an hour, it may be a day.

It's not a measure that you will fail,
it's time for you ...

Say My Prayers - Visitor's Story  When I was tucking my daughter into bed one night, she asked me if we could pray together, and we aren't a family that says prayers every night. As an ...

An Isolated Person - Visitor's Story  "There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in your own way."

Today every nation has attained complete emancipation and freedom. But sometimes ...

Cry with One Eye Open - Visitor's Poem 
Oh dear sisters!
Cry with one eye open
Don’t close your eyes
See the world around you
See together
Sleep together
Weep together
But ...

Democracy Starts in Bed - Visitor's Poem 
I want to find democracy in Bed
Not in the World –first in my Bed
If Charity begins at home
Shouldn't Democracy start in bed?

We have been ...

Paradoxes - Visitor's Poem  Paradoxes/Science Conflict

If on a rainy day,
You feel the heat around you vanish,
And chill spread around;
Would you call raining an endothermic ...

Lessons From The Coffee Shop - Visitor's Story  One morning I decided to start my day with a coffee at one of the shops in Cape Town, a lavish cafe with glass that formed its walls and cars making the ...

Masterpiece: Joe Average  "In our lives we can be blessed to come across people that will make a remarkable impact upon us and empower us to strive further for ourselves. Joe Average ...

Birth Renewal - Visitor's Poem 
Separating we arrive blinking sensing
Beginning a journey as this unique being
Becoming less unique so conforming
Being educated to doing to having

Hallo-ween - Visitor's Halloween Poem 
Witches cackles,
Bats in flight,
Ghouls and Goblins reunite.
Ghostly shadows by moon’s light,
Haunting stories to delight,
Trickery is afoot ...

Books - Visitor's Poem 
Visit a home and see tons of books
There lives an avid reader
A fervent reader resides
Passionate and eager to learn
Pages full of information,...

Dreams - Visitor's Poem 
What if...

My husband and I fell in love again

I became a great children's writer

I adopted a baby

I loved everyone I met, and they loved ...

You're the Love of My Life - Visitor's Love Poem  (For GG)

The day you walked into my life was the happiest I have ever been
You made me feel so special in more words than I can say.
That moment when ...

Thank You God for Dad  This year on Father's Day
Not a word had I to say
But a prayer of thanksgiving on my knees I pray
For the Lord gives and take away.

I thanked the ...

A Reflection of a Mom - Visitor's Poem  A mother doesn't have to be
the one to bear a child, to give you words of encouragement
or perhaps a little smile.
She's that someone that you look ...

Dreamy Dream - Visitor's Poem  Dreamy dream!
One fine day,
On the high mountain,
I was wandering like a fish,
Alone in the fountain.
Suddenly, my feet dashed,
To a hard stone,...

Fate - Your Genii - Visitor's Poem 
The cataracts of the heavens unveiled
God’s velvety black classroom filled the tract
Edens sparkling students twinkled down at me
-my teardrops sent ...

Lelah. The Birth Of A Miracle - Visitor's Story  The worst words to be spoken by an expecting mommy, “Daddy, she has something wrong with her brain!

Selah my first-born said crying ...

Dreaming Forward - Visitor's Poem  I look up into the abyss of the very stars of the above,
The Heavens of the night had gazed right back,
I just couldn’t touch them but my dreams were ...

Passing Moments - Visitor's Love Poem  Hey passing moments, stop for a while,
I want to join you, but first let me meet her,
the one thing which is inside my heart, let me tell her
Let me ...


On Friday, Feb 5th, 2010, going on to midnight, this was written and sent.

"Born and reborn. This is what we are doing ...

How I Kicked My 10 Year Bulimia Battle... And Why I Know ALL Bulimics Can Recover! - Visitor's Story  After a long day at school, I was feeling deflated and needed food to comfort me. My Mom was picking me up from school that day and eventually I saw ...

Love Valentine - Visitor's Love Poem 
Love is cute and very very sweet,
Please tell me when shall we meet,
Love is immortal, love is God,
Love is a diamond adorning the Lord.
Love is ...

The Day I Met You - Visitor's Poem 
Going through life dazed and confused
not knowing what to do
all changed the day I met you...
You gave me love when
I didn't even know what love ...

Separate Ways - Visitor's Lost Love Poem 
It happened way too soon
all on the very first day
you found out what I was feeling
and put obstacles in my way

Love is hard to find
but harder ...

Try, Try, Try Again - Visitor's Poem  I try to abandon all evil deeds, but get into a farce of sins,
All my goodness is compelled to enrich the dirty dust bins.

Whenever I try, there is ...

Lifetime Treasure - Visitor's Poem  Are you looking for a treasure?
I think I know what most of you would say.
But I think you found a treasure already!
Believe it or not, just try to ...

My Silent Dream... (Story of a Soldier) - Visitor's Poem  Unable to lose track of minutes
every second lingers in my face,
almost too teasingly.

When I chose this job I knew it’d be hard,
but emotionally,...

Tell Someone... - Visitor's Love Poem  How do you tell someone that they are special?

That among everyone else, they stand apart in all that they do…

How do you tell someone that they ...

My Forever Love - Visitor's Love Poem 
Dear Love,

You are the person I wish to...
Write secret letters to
Travel the world with
Make breakfast for
Sit by the fire with
Bring home ...

No Love After You - Visitor's Heartbroken Love Poem 
I’m out here alone,
And I need to tell you…
I was wrong.

I was a fool to tell you,
That it’s over.
There’s no way I’m ready,
To say you’...

Just You & Me - Visitor's Lost Love Poem 
It has ended,
And we are back to friends,
Now as we sit,
Back where it all started.

A kiss is had,
Breath and balance,
Are lost.
It feels ...

Where I Return - Visitor's Love Poem 
I hear your voice,
The sound of my love.

To you I will always belong,
Because you are the one.

Even when we’re apart,
I can’t wait to ...

Intoxicated Heart - Visitor's Love Poem 
you’re not the same.
I let you go…
Now I’m losing you more than,
I ever thought I would.

Should I let you fall?
Not even a question,...

Summit  Two children of God stand before us today.

From Paris to Mexico,
To the Eiffel Tower and the sandy beach shores,
Their hopes rested,
And their love ...

Hoping for the Best! - Visitor's Poem 
Things are now getting difficult day by day,
I wish I do not lose my hope and go astray!

I try to conceal my tense feelings as I know,
It is only ...

Gone Are The Days... - Visitor's Poem  Gone are the days when my temper used to fly high,
I feel I have matured, may be it's time for me to die.

Life is very short, as short as a small ...

Still - Visitor's Poem 
It’s been five years since you left
But for us, it was just like yesterday

When I close my eyes I can still see your smile,
Hear your voice and ...

For Those About to Bike ( We Salute You)  This past year I had the great pleasure of cycling with Mr. Murray Smith. Out there on the highway, flying along the dark asphalt shoulders, you learn ...

Friends - Visitor's Friendship Poem 
"Valuable friends are very hard to find",
This fact has its roots deep in my mind.

I come across numerous persons daily,
Most of whom, are nothing ...

Days With Grandparents - Visitor's Poem  I saw her today and she looked great
She buckled me in and drove me to McDonald's.

Today was a fun day with Grandma.

I saw her today and she looked ...

Held - Visitor's Poem  Being young is hard.
We have this stress upon us, this…certain pressure.
We are looked down upon
We are supposed to be this person that others “want...

Depression Everywhere - Visitor's Poem  Depression is here, Depression is there, it is everywhere,
Tyres burning, people protesting with no one ready to hear,

The feeling of helplessness ...

Curiosity - Visitor's Poem 
They popped from the Forest
they seemed to adore us
the children they stared
the mothers they glared
the fathers there weren't a one
awake in ...

A North Indian Christian - Visitor's Poem 
I love my beautiful culture
It's the essence of my style
The jewelry and punjabies
The saries brighten my smile

I was born a North Indian
A Hindu,...

Change Your Darkness Into Light  Last week I saw Allan. A person I went to high school with. Allan has severe Cerebral Palsy. He is disabled. In a wheelchair. Thankfully his mind is sharp....

Masquerade - Visitor's Poem 
She wears
a hundred and one laughters.
She always appears to be fine.
Nobody knows
everything is unspeakable lies.
And she wears nothing
but ...

A Peaceful Day - Visitor's Poem  Wake up early and take a morning walk,
sit for meditation and have a self-talk.
Make a list of things to be done today
and go as per it for the rest ...

My Dearest Friend - Visitor's Poem  I have a precious friend, a truly reliable one indeed,
He is the one who helps me always in every hour of need.

No one knows, but my dear one is ...

Beauty of the Woman - Visitor's Poem  Very beautiful
As beautiful as the Mediterranean sunset
You pulchritude is like desert winter rose

The rose that is ever blossoming
The rose that ...

Endless Love - Visitor's Love Poem  I thought life is all about pains
It’s all about heavy rains
It’s all about sadness
Nothing but brokenness

But love penetrates in me so deeply
Inside ...

Winter Memories - Visitor's Story  Staring at the stars, not knowing where it all began, I cannot help but wonder why I'm here. A breeze upon the air, tumbles over my skin, while the night ...

Found  Running thru those fields, running thru those fields,
Running thru those sunflower fields with the one you love.
All girls, all girls just want to be ...

My Friend - Visitor's Friendship Poem 
Sometimes to get to where you are,

you need to learn from where you’ve been

Sometimes to heal your mental scars,

you feel the pain that’s ...

The Chess Board of Life - Visitor's Poem 
How often have we wondered
why it had to be
that the innocent are punished
while the guilty are set free

How often have we wondered
why God turns ...

Cancer  We headed out, out we headed,
thru an open window we heard the whine of tires on the pavement,
that sound of hot black tar asphalt beneath us.


Jon-Paul's Thoughts - Visitor's Thoughts  Life can be very difficult for people in a number of situations at many different moments while we are alive. We are put into situations and sometimes ...

I Am Woman - Visitor's Poem  (An extreme illustration of role reversal in society today – Inspired by Proverbs 31:10)

I am woman,
Hear me roar
My words can smite you
To the ...

Destiny - Visitor's Love Story  One night after dinner, Sky and Rain took some time talking about the year that passed. It was exactly a year since they exchanged vows before God that ...

Howl - Visitor's Poem 
Tonight I howled at the moon
As smoke filled the room
Dancing an erotic waltz
An atmospheric sudden halt

The cries echo’d in the night
They ...

Think, Rethink, Challenge Yourself  Between 2006 and 2009 Canadian writer Miles Patrick Yohnke wrote many pieces and among them were these three. With a foreword by Mike Murphy.

[Foreword ...

A Day in This Little Town - Visitor's Poem  The morning has woken wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket of mist
And an eerie silence befalls this little town

A late summer sun burns in the sky warming ...

Secretly In Love with You - Visitor's Love Poem 
A strange feeling in me begins
when Mr. Reed and I became friends.
Looking always on my phone,
thinking that Mr. Reed will make a call.

My friends ...

What Do You See? - Visitor's Poem  Do you see a little girl starving for her daddy's attention, or wanting her mother's affection? Do you see the disappointment in the little girl's eyes ...

Moments - Visitor's Poem  Lying in the sand dunes, listening to the waves, closing my eyes and drifting far away. Listening to the sound of the rolling waves, as my restless mind ...

Remember Me - Visitor's Poem 
Stop all your grieving for I am in paradise.
Flying high,
And flying free.
I've made Heaven my new home.
And I've grown accustomed to my wings....

My Familia - Visitor's Poem  My family is one of a kind,
there is nothing in this world that can separate us.
They are all special in their own way,
from being really athletic to ...

Sister's Soul - Visitor's Poem 
I hope I am able to see that it's not hate
I feel when you walk by,
I pray my confusion does not cry
with misleading attempts to lie.
I have ...

Waiting - Visitor's Poem 
An empty Chair
There’s no one there
I sit and stare at the empty chair
Alone with my phone

The silence breaks
A machine awakes
The ...

Love Is an Inspiration - Visitor's Poem 
We can't live with love alone,
we all need bread to survive...
That's why we keep on striving to live
and loving to be loved.
It is not complicated ...

I Pretend - Visitor's Love Poem  From far in the distance you are forever close in my heart,
The miles between us seem to keep us too far apart,
And I keep believing we will arrive at ...

Life is What We Live For - Visitor's Poem 
When the world is crashing down around you,
you need to have faith on what is right,
life is what you live for

When all you know is changing,
just ...

People - Visitor's Poem  People move. We move on, we move forward.
We learn from our mistakes and remember what we did right.
Some of us only make it through the day so we ...

If Only They Knew - Visitor's Poem  He smiles through the pain and holds himself up.
He walks through the darkness and keeps his head held high.
He is alone, and damage has been done.
He ...

Strive - Visitor's Poem 
Strive to do your best each day,
To be the best you can be,
All it takes is very hard work,
It's as easy as A,B,C.

Make sure you believe in yourself,...

You Are the Rhythm of the Universe - Visitor's Poem 
You are the rhythm of the Universe,
The soul of the sun,
Now all of this has just begun,
You are the ruler of the moon,
And all of this will becoming ...

Live Life Inspired! - Visitor's Message  Inspired means activated, encouraged, energized, excited, exhilarated, influenced, inspirited, and motivated. Living inspired is when you bring intention ...

Watching Sandoval Sleep - Visitor's Story  I was there on the first day of summer, sitting in the gift shop window watching people sun, swim and walk by in their bathing suits. Some of them would ...

My Quiet Friend - Visitor's Poem 
The air we live by
Seven billion sharing
Breathing into together
The air nature lives by
Allowing to nurture
beauty & sustenance
Equalling & connecting

Please Stay - Visitor's Poem  You’ve changed my heart, you’ve cleared my vision,
Talking to you was a good decision.
I’m sorry for your pain, your grief and sorrow,
I hope you won’...

We Are Always Brought Back - Visitor's Love Poem  I hurt him, things fell apart and I broke them piece by piece.
Tonight, we’re out here in that familiar place
with lingering nostalgic emotions in the ...

She Couldn't See - Visitor's Poem  You have everything you want, she told me.
You’re a beautiful blonde Barbie doll
with all the possibilities in the world.
Her eyes were looking straight ...

I Wanted To Die, God Said No! - Visitor's Story  With each major disappointment it took another bite out of my insides, the insides that were withering away, disappointments I knew we all have them but ...

My Dee - Visitor's Poem  An angel has been added to glory on this day;
God needed help on high so he carried you away.

I tried so hard to hold you and keep you at my side,
But ...

My Worth - Visitor's Love Poem 
My worth is that of nothing less than
your most priceless possession.
Sacrificing everyday habits and addictions
to enjoy a favorable combination ...

Ellis Island - Visitor's Poem  Unlike you I arrived here on a comfortable tourist ferry
Filled with people who saw a spectacle and
not the freedom you hoped for.
If these waters could ...

A Dream of God - Visitor's Poem  I had a chance to sit and talk to the lord
For so long it seems that his voice I’ve ignored
He wasn’t angry as we finally sat down to speak
And I know ...

Stolen - Visitor's Love Poem  I still battle with these emotions and these thoughts of you
I know within my heart that this will never be true.
Fate has its ways of pulling us apart,...

The Wick - Visitor's Poem 
I am a wick left in open with little fuel in it

Burning sincerely without a single wink

Don’t know how long will I survive

As the stormy wind ...

True Happiness - Visitor's Story  When I was thirteen my mom told my family that she had to tell us something. So my brother dad, sister and I all sat down on the big chunky green sofa ...

My Child (for Sarah) - Visitor's Message  My child you are very small right now,
but I know when you grow up,
That life will be a challenge and it's going to be rough.
So now while you are ...

Colors - Visitor's Love Poem 
Flashes of blue and deep purple,
feelings in vivid colors surround me.
Canyons dusty dark within echo your name.
Thick, sticky emotions coat my heart

Summer Love - Visitor's Poem 
wind's wild,
sea is roaring,
birds are chirping-
and yet her house is a hand away...

trees are swaying,
memories flaring,
reminding of time ...

For Crying Out Loud - Visitor's Poem 
Feelings, sensations looming
The first flickering of emotion
Cheeks uplifting into our eyes
Inciting that breath
Out of the stomach it gulps
Through ...

I Cast You Out You Demons - Visitor's Poem  I cast you out you demons,
All my people you slaved I freed,
The pain you’ve caused I have healed,
Hatred you bred I have killed, with all the love ...

Colors of the World - Visitor's Poem  Her little girl eyes are filled with fear,
I don’t know how to explain things to her.
I want to mend her wounds and make things feel okay.
Tears dampen ...

I Am a Writer - Visitor's Poem  I’m a writer, every time I write I’m searching
in the depths of my soul.
Discovering a million souls in my own.
There are places that it can take you,...

Road for One - Visitor's Poem  You ask me why I’m running, I don’t have an answer.
You ask me why I’m hiding, I tell you that I’m not.
You tell me to slow down for a minute, just a ...

Sonya - Visitor's Motherhood Poem  I've never laid eyes on you, I've yet to hear you speak, but I love you!

How can I make you understand what you mean to me?

I pray for you more than ...

Bouncing on Life's Trampoline - Visitor's Poem 
Up, down, up, down
light little feet with smiling faces
Up, down, up, down
joyous squeals’, little hearts races

No cares, no worries, no challenges ...

A Tribute to a Blessed Leader - Visitor's Poem 
God taught South Africa
Through lessons lived and learnt,
God taught South Africa
From regrets and respect earned

The lessons that we learnt

I Loved You Once Upon a Time - Visitor's Poem 
You broke my heart, ignored me,
cheated on me repeatedly,
abused me emotionally and physically.
Embarrassed me in front of your friends,
called ...

A Moment of Light - Visitor's Poem 
A moment like this will forever live on,
The way the room feels and the beat of the song.
The smiles coming from left to right,
The stars shining ...

I'll Be Okay Without You - Visitor's Poem  You brought me into this world, but I entered it alone.
I don’t need your understanding, or for your love to be shown.
I’ve raised myself, I’ve grown ...

Remember When - Visitor's Poem  Remember when we were children, eyes that saw a better world.
Our hearts were always full willing to forgive any mistake.
Remember the dreams we would ...

Remember - Visitor's Poem  Remember when you were a kid, the classmate who died in an accident?

Remember when you were in grade or middle school and that plane crashed into that ...

Until Today - Visitor's Poem 
I was trapped
I felt like I couldn't breath
you were in every single one of them
all I can see
my body
you ...

Forgive Me - Visitor's Poem  I don't want to hurt you, I hope it's not too late.
the way that things turned out, it feels like fate.
We are young hearts, passionate and confused....

Motherhood - Visitor's Poem 
Tap tap tap goes the morse code on my leg
The little one has woken and wants to be fed
His empty bottle in hand and a pleading look in his eye
He ...

A.B.C.1.2.3. Teach Our Children Well  "Communication companies are the new drug dealers of our youth. What has happened is through competition, these companies were forced to drive down their ...

Excess and Excuses: Lest We Forget  It hurts me to write this story. But I must write it. I live in Canada which is seen as a rich country. The country to the south of us, the United States,...

Template of a Woman  "Template Of A Woman" is a collection of three poems. In these they address issues of bullying, stereotypes, and overcoming extreme odds.

It is a look ...

Mother of Strength  Oct 17, 1968 saw the tragic event in one human life; it changed the lives of many. Francis Lewis Yohnke died. Bridget Yohnke's life had changed; she was ...

Make Me An Instrument of Thy Peace  "Make me an instrument of thy peace." These are the words that rest on my father's tombstone. October 17th, 2008 was forty years since an accident in a ...

Blueprint of a Man  This is a story about my beautiful brother. He is very private and humble.

With respect to him I shall not give his name. Realistically, that is not ...

Living In Our Own Skin (Peeling Back the Layers)  "Society is a masked ball, where every one hides his real character, and reveals it by hiding" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The poster boy. This is whom I ...

D.U.N.C.A.N.2.0.  The people that know me well know that I love cycling and train most days for four hours. My personal record time was finally achieved at 57 minutes in ...

My Heart Beats Happy 
My heart beats happy
with thoughts of you.

From the comfort of your voice,
and the kindness that you speak,
to the battles that you've won,
and ...

The Red Rose and Easter Sunday  A young woman goes out,
She goes out searching.
Dazzled by it,
In wonderment.
Her feet rest at a place they call,
Heaven on earth.
It's Easter Sunday....

The End - Visitor's Letting Go Poem  I have hurt you and burden myself for that,
Intentions were not my best if you want the truth.
In your eyes I don't care, and it's easier that way.

My Solitude - Visitor's Poem 
I was alone with nowhere to go
I was alone as my tears continue to flow
Loneliness accompanied me
Is this the way my life should be?

I had grieved ...

Link of Love and Weakness - Visitor's Story  Upon having a struggle with myself this week, it led me to ask, where does really love begins or when does it ends? Many thoughts crossed my mind, I even ...

Prodigy - Visitor's Poem  I am the creation of two strong men in my life.
The first gave me the courage to walk away with no remorse.
The second showed me how to be tough through ...

Life as a Puzzle Piece - Visitor's Poem 
I was created a perfect square
as white as the driven snow
then life happened, and my reactions
attracted all colours of the rainbow.

My birth ...

Through the Leaves of My tree - Visitor's Poem  Sunshine sparkles through the leaves of my tree
Shadows of my neighbours bounce by in a blink of an eye
Birds chirp out their happy little song and others ...

A Wordless Experience - Visitor's Poem 
Seen every bit in life,
From one corner to the other,
Though life's turns are endless,
The emotions which run through you in a min,
Make you feel ...

Onetasking - Visitor's Poem 
Life’s jugglers, life’s illusions
Seen to be busy, doing, doing
Balls in the air, keeping up
One falls, all fall, oh well!
Back in the air again,...

Unrecognized Friends - Visitor's Poem 
The sea is sad with the memories
of pure crystal clear blue water
and all the thoughts of life
unwittingly led to slaughter.
Many creatures must ...

I Long - Visitor's Love Poem 
I long for her presence
Her smile, her eyes
Her style, and her vibe are all so beautiful
I long to hold her hand
O' how I long to hold her...
In ...

Sillhouette Love - Visitor's Love Poem 
Figuring you out
In the formation of scattered clouds;
Catching you
In the wandering breeze that passes by
Though wind casts dark clouds;
Over ...

Beautiful Blessings - Visitor's Poem  Physical beauty is stunning
and like a beautiful water based painting hung outside,
it draws admirers from all those passing by
until it fades away ...

Think Twice - Visitor's Poem 
You come to me wanting advice.
You come to me thinking twice.
You ask me questions I cannot answer
You are confused because I have cancer.
A cancer-...

Says The Father To His Children - Visitor's Poem 
My child I cannot understand
The reason for your anguish
Your refusal to take my hand
Your strange determination to perish

Unnecessary burdens ...

Behind the Camouflage - Visitor's Poem 
Intelligence is in the using
Having is not the be all
Being smart is temporary
A hiding place to dwell
A smokescreen to shield
The latent fire ...

What Life Means to Me - Visitor's Story  There are times in my life that I feel so alone, helpless, thinking why it’s happening to me? Why I have encountered many problems? Why I have to make ...

My Friend's Story of Love - Visitor's Story  When my friend was in Manhattan she was sitting on a bench. Next to her was a boy her age and his dad, but she could not sit there so she listened to their ...

Your Name is Beautiful - Visitor's Poem  I never was what I am today.
I never knew that YOU, had this power to change a person.

Why was I so angry when I first heard of your existence.

For Love - Visitor's Sad Love Poem 
For love,
have you ever done anything,
only for love?
Have you ever spent everything,
your pride all of your tears?
And now this is where ...

You and Your World - Visitor's Poem 
It’s good to talk with a person you like
while, you tell another to go take a hike.
Sometimes you wish to be alone;
then you simply turn off your ...

It's You, Stephen - Visitor's Love Poem 
Stephen I love
You are the right one
Here in my heart
I love no one

Love to hear your name
always wanna hear your voice
I am not to be blame

Always - Visitor's Love Poem 
Maybe I never held you,
So tightly here in my arms,
Maybe I never touched you,
In the night to keep you warm,
Maybe I never kissed you,
To feel ...

Innocence Not Lost - Visitor's Poem
When did I pack away innocence
I wanted to be a grown-up surely
But surely if I hid my innocence
The more surely I matured
But truly the less unique ...

Where Are You My Love? - Visitor's Love Poem  This is the world I know
This is the world I feel
It's another world that you live in
You can't cross that with your heels
It's been days since I saw ...

Welcome to The Club - Visitor's Aids Poem 
At the corner I stood
Can I walk you home he said?
NO, not this girl
The one I'm waiting for is coming
Away he goes

Again he comes,
Can I drive ...

Honor Your Individuality - Visitor's Message  Have you ever stopped to actually consider how special you are? Not from an egocentric, better than other people perspective. Rather, from the understanding ...

Our Space - Visitor's Poem 
Space most precious
Calling me to reach out
Not into emptiness
But beckoning, connecting
Your silence stilling
Embracing, empowering
My shepherd,...

Love Has Bloomed - Visitor's Love Poem 
May be just a teenager
With much to learn and discover,
Even in love, I’m no wiser
Still my feelings are growing deeper
I know love has bloomed ...

Father's Day - Visitor's Poem 
Being a Dad, is knowing that
You’re gonna have a baby…
Being a Father, is guiding your children
And seeing them grow,
While you make ...

Speak Out S - Visitor's Poem 
Speak to me say it out loud
Share what you have in your mind
Second hand thought save us from default
Scholastic thinking put us in advance
Summer ...

My Sister and Friend - Visitor's Poem  You are a ray of sunshine in a world that's sometimes grey
The magic of your company will brighten up any day
You've guided me through the good times ...

Little Angels - Visitor's Poem 
There's a place I go
when I'm stressed and low,
when my cares and my worries
only seem to grow.

There's a place I go
when my desk's piled high,...

I Do Belong - Visitor's Message  A lot of drama happens in a teenager's life, it's like a de ja vu. We hate then we love. Things don't always turn out the way you expect it to be and no ...

Julio (One Great Summer) - Visitor's Poem  For the first time in my life I had one great summer experience.
Of course it wasn't be that great if not for you.
All the times we've shared was really ...

I Remember Last Summer - Visitor's Poem 
I remember last summer
When our road's crossed out of nowhere
You came for a vacation
In a place I call my home

We became friends since then
Talked ...

Change of Heart - Visitor's Poem 
I made a promise not so long ago
That I will take care of you
I promised to be your friend
Till the world comes to an end

We made good music ...

The Beauty of Life Is You - Visitor's Love Poem  I've once told myself that I don't need anyone
I could take care of myself and depend to no one
I'm a strong willed person that needs nobody
Not a person'...

The Last Page of my Notebook - Visitor's Poem  This is the last page of my notebook.
I really don't know what to write or even how to start.
I wanted to write something happy, something that will ...

The Love I Found in You - Visitor's Poem 
When people ask me "What keeps me going?"
I just simply say "It's because of you."
You are my source of strength and power
That keeps me holding ...

When I Held You - Visitor's Poem 
When God blessed me with your presence
I held you in life long regard,
When the Angels gave birth to you
I held you 'til you could fly,
When the ...

What Is Life? - Visitor's Poem 
What is life
if you haven't traveled down the road
of good and bad
easy and hard
happy and sad
ups and downs
left and right
crooked and straight

These Golden Moments in Time - Visitor's Poem  These Golden Moments in Time
Are caught between the stars and the sky
You will have yours and I will have mine
These Golden Moments in Time
Are like ...

Your Memory Tree - Visitor's Message  I was in the garden yesterday planting flowers around your tree like I do every year. I always plant marigolds, your father’s favorite flower. He loves ...

You and Me - Visitor's Poem  Self-appreciation is important to me. I see failure as success, because it will lead me to another challenge. At times things happen beyond my understanding;...

As We Bloom and Bleed - Visitor's Poem  As we bleed and and fall apart, we are to reflect upon ourselves. Looking at our parts, we organize them on the shelves. Whether alphabetical or by number,...

Choose Your "Real" World - Visitor's Message  Often people say to me, "It is unrealistic to be patient, kind and loving all the time because this is the real world, with real problems, real challenges ...

Surround Yourself with Happy People - Visitor's Story  One of the most empowering lessons I learned was to stop asking miserable people how to be happy.

Have you heard the saying, "Misery loves company?" Well ...

Have Compassion - Visitor's Story  One day I took a walk along the Third-street promenade in Santa Monica, California. Leaning against a street signal pole was a young man about twenty-...

I Am A Woman - Visitor's Poem 
A miniature version of the cosmos
A philosopher by nature
A lover of wisdom
but easily misled
by a sweet talking guy
I am a woman ~*~

A graduate ...

Grievance - Visitor's Poem 
Violence, crimes, anger, and hatred
Adversities encountered by people in hundreds
The earth's rotating; the time's changing
But conflicts and wars ...

My Best Friend, My Worst Enemy - Visitor's Poem  Mine was a friend, so lovely so nice
She was my second self, but only to my eyes.
She helped me reach all the greater heights
I walked with her boldly,...

Treason - Visitor's Poem 
I did not languish on sweet apple fruit on my Alba?
Twas not the taste of exoneration bitter sweet?
My mouth parched from missing the moisture of ...

Today - Visitor's Poem 
Is it wrong for me to wake up today
and wish the day was over
Am I really all that paranoid if
I choose to look over my shoulder
I have boulders ...

Mystic Women  What are women?
We are seen as beautiful, seductive, loving and caring.
We are everything we are seen as and much more.
As women we are the heart and ...

The Mystery of Love - Visitor's Poem  The mystery of love eludes my deepest thoughts.
It surpasses the inner working of my mind
I’ve figured, only the heart can reveal its greatest wonders....

The Snowman - Visitor's Story to Explain Death to Young Children  The Snowman is a story I wrote to explain death to young children.

When my dad and twin died, I could see that young children's feelings are often ignored ...

Passionate Goose - Visitor's Poem  A wide window screen of my apartment put me in a position to view my surroundings and beyond. A beautiful sparkling lake which is home to many birds; joggers ...

Cheated Heart - Visitor's Poem 
When I kissed the wrong lips,
the smell of alcohol in our breaths,
immoral thoughts of cheating,
at the time when intoxicated.

When I woke up ...

Everyday - Visitor's Poem  Everyday it's somebody's birthday
Everyday somebody dies
Everyday there's a war going on 24/7 non-stop
Everyday there's a family falling apart
Everyday ...

Breathless - Visitor's Friendship Poem 
Believe in a friend and a friendship
will last through eternity till the end of time.
Regardless of the trials and tribulations,
it will survive ...

Heal My Broken Heart - Visitor's Poem 
Lord, heal my broken heart I pray.
Let nothing quench my love this day.

Let not the trials you have brought
Consume me and control my thoughts....

Joan's Song - Visitor's Message  She was as warm as a soft summer's day, with a heart trusting, loving and true; and we thought we would have her forever, but God had a plan for her too....

Hope - Visitor's Poem 
She flutters around,
With her tiny wings,
So delicate,
So bright,
So intricate in the light.

She resides within all.
Stamping her mark on our ...

Life's Lessons - Visitor's Poem 
Life is a lesson meant to be learnt
Its struggles, good times, bad times and great times
Are all medals earned
The friends, the enemies, are all ...

The Silver Tears - Visitor's Sad Poem 
And so it begins
Silver tears falling like soft rain
Cascading downward on its sad journey
Arriving at my empty soul and shattered heart
The ...

Back Home - Visitor's Poem 
I swear life moves fast on its own,
death is something that's unknown.
My heart is my stone,
my body is a temple's throne.
I can say I won't ...

A Twisted Life - Visitor's Poem 
As the sun rises so do I
I see no limits as I gaze off into the blue blue sky
Doubt me you may, but thus far I succeed
Follow me you should, a good ...

A Blessing, Yet A Curse - Visitor's Love Poem 
A blessing, yet a curse.
Happiness, and pain.
Times so beautiful and ugly.
Sunshine, and rain.
Whenever I am with you,
Every moment is blessed....

In The Darkest Night - Visitor's Love Poem 
In the darkest night,
When the sky turns gray.
I can count on you,
To brighten up my day.
You don't need to talk to me,
But I love it when you ...

The Story of How We Met - Visitor's Love Poem  I'm feeling good, I'm looking fine.
I'm going out for the first time.
Her name is Juliet,
And this is the story of how we met:

On a fine summer'...

My Best Friend - Visitor's Poem  To: Ann Marie Lucas

We've been friends since kindergarten,
We've been split apart,
We've gotten into troubles together,
We've lied for one another,...

Thank You Brother - Visitor's Poem 
Thank you for the early morning calls...
making sure I'm well and sound.
Thank you for the numerous emails...
assuring me there is a bright
and ...

You'll Be With Me Forever - Visitor's Message  I cherish every moment for it could be our last. It's always fun to share with you the memories of the past. It's wonderful to laugh and hug and it's ok ...