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Isn't It Magic? - Visitor's Love Poem

by PEF
(Shanghai, China)

Every time we spend time together
It really makes my heart tremble
And I always wanted to be cuddled
Right then and there I felt tickled
Asking ā€˜bout my feelings, I said itā€™s magic
ā€˜Coz every moment we shared is nostalgic
And all I can say is, I love it
Isnā€™t it magic? Oh how terrific
You and I are opposite
But when we are together
Itā€™s like magnet
It is so fantastic

Loving you is not an easy thing to do
But what can I do?
When every heartbeat of me is you
All I can do is to follow
Itā€™s the feeling itself that glows
No words left to speak but I love you
'Coz here deep in my heart
I know itā€™s you, nobody else but you

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