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Original Inspirational Quote -
All by Site Visitors!

When I first invited site visitors to share an original inspirational quote of theirs, I didn't expect so many of them to respond, over time.

At first, the submissions were few and far between. As the site grew in traffic and matured in age, the submissions began to trigger in. Now, there's a constant flow of submissions from site visitors who love to share a piece of their inspiration with the world. And I have to add that the quality of these submissions are getting better and better. :-)

From 2008 till end 2011, this website has collected over 3,000 inspiring quotations from visitors, and it's still growing! Thank you so much to all the wonderful people who contributed!

Have you written some inspiring quotes and hid them away somewhere? Why not share them here and spread a little inspiration around?

This is the page where I welcome my site visitors to share their own inspirational quotes with the world.

Your quote must be original, your own stuff. Not somebody else's. It's your chance to share a piece of your inspiration with others.

Note: Want to share a picture along with your quote? Only original photos or photos you have permission to share will be published!

Stay inspired!

NOTICE: As I'm reorganizing the 1000s of visitors' submitted quotes, this section shall be closed for the time being. It might take awhile due to my limited available time. Thank you so much for all your support in submitting your quotes to my website! Meanwhile, please browse through all quotes topics this website has collected over the years to get inspired!

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