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Praisings 24/7 - Visitor's Poem

by Shivam Dubey
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)

With the break of Dawn,
She wakes up;
Time for her praisings,
Along with Tea's cup.

She stands up from the bed,
Rubbing her eyes so hard;
Wants herself to be praised,
As she's a queen brightly starred.

Now it comes the afternoon,
The time for her lunch;
Along with the food,
She wants flower in a bunch.

After lunch she plans
to go to sleep again,
Time for me to praise
And behave Insane.

Though the evening comes,
still she is all fresh,
I should not make her angry,
Or there will be a huge clash.

She looks so cute,
While sleeping at night;
My sweet friend is great,
And with her I should not Fight.


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