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Silver Lining - Visitor's Poem

by Vickie L Smith
(Henderson, West Virginia, USA)

There our sliver wings in blue skies.
Far beyond my reach.
No they're not standing beside me no more.
But I feel them in my heart always.
I see sliver bells at Christmas time.
Then I want to cry.
For some of my loved ones had moved on.
To a sliver lining in blue skies.
No they're not standing beside me no more.
But then always in my heart.
'Cause my love for them will never be gone.
So I know we will never part.
As I go out walking each day.
I see my Daddy standing there.
He has got them streaks of silver in his hair.
His hands seem tired as he would fold them to pray.
He would say Lord help me through this day.
For I am weary and growing weak.
My wisdom no more they will seek.
I am ready to come back home.
I raised my family.
My work on earth is complete.
Now I think of my Daddy every day.
Since the Lord has called him home.
Oh when I see the color silver.
Oh how it will make me blue.
My Daddy was an honest man.
With the colors of red white and blue.
My Daddy was a hardworking man.
Who worked hard every day.
So we could have food on our plates.
Then there was the bills that needed pay.
I never seen my Daddy cry tho.
But I am sure he did.
You see in his own little way.
My Daddy was a blissful man.
Who could always make one laugh.
If you would have no shirt.
He would give you the one off of his back.
If my Daddy would have a dollar.
If it would be the last one he had.
If you would need it.
He would give it to you.
He would never ask for it back.
He would say take it my friend with a smile.
My Daddy lives with the Lord now.
Far into that sliver lining in blue skies.
Yes my tears still fall for him.
I am not ashamed to cry.
I miss my Daddy every day.
Even tho he's not here beside me no more.
You see he's never far away.
'Cause in my heart is where he will forever be.
Filled with love and dignity.
Besides there are so many memories.
I have of my Daddy and me.
My sweet, loving, hardworking, wonderful Daddy.
With a sliver lining in my heart.
I and my Daddy shall never part.
My love for him always will be.
My Daddy was my sliver lining.

In loving memory Of my Dad, Leroy E Smith who passed away ten years ago in this month of October the 31 2001

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