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Reflection: Broadcasting of Our Life - Visitor's Poem

by Shivam Dubey
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)

Whatever we do is known as Action,
Our action may cause huge attraction,
But when somebody wants to judge us,
They can easily do so by our reflection.

People always judge us by our deeds,
To be very good everyone needs
But if you want to reap good results,
You should sow good quality seeds.

Our life has problems all in its way,
Sometimes they come and then go away;
Our Life will flashback one day for sure,
We should make it worth watching from today.

Reflection means broadcasting of our life,
Before doing anything we should think twice;
Our Life to us is indeed very precious,
One can't buy or sell it for any price.

Always try to make yourself so good,
Be helpful to others like a strong wood;
Our Present matters a lot in our future,
And that is supposed to be understood.

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