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The Word LOVE - Visitor's Love Poem

by Sihem Hammouda

LOVE, is a four–letter word that makes kings, emperors, dictators kneel on their knees and moan from the dawn of man history till the day of resurrection.

LOVE is a magic spell that turns the most hideous woman into a princess in the eyes of her lover.

LOVE makes out of a fool a poet writing his poems from the silver moonlight.

L.O.V.E: People all over the world spell this word differently saying "I love you" in different tongues, but they all experience the same feeling; being drunk with love.

L: It’s the sacred letter in the word LOVE. It stands for loyalty. Love as any other game in life has rules and to play it you have to stick to the rules or you lose, and one of the rules is to be loyal. You can’t see, but the person you love loyalty also binds you to be there comes what comes, loyalty binds also to protect him or her by your life.

O: The dictator O. It stands for own, I love you and I own you, you’re mine soul and body the day you occupied my heart.

V: The mean V it stands for vicious, I’ll do whatever it takes me to keep you, your love is the fountain of my life and I won’t let you go so I’m going to fight for your love.

E: The eternal e stands for eternity, your love will be eternal.


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