Remembering Grandma - Visitor's Poem

by Brandy O'dell
(Downsville, NY, USA)

Dear Grandma,

When I see a butterfly,

It brings such peace to me.

I remember numerous memories,

Of how it used to be.

I can see us on the porch,

Just you and I are there.

Your embracing your coffee cup,

In your wooden rockenchair.

I recall the red seat cover

It was ripped and torn.

You continue to rock away,

throughout the years it's worn.

I imagine the birds singing.

The chirping sounds so sweet.

I hear the music in the background,

I watch you tap your feet.

I recall your stories

of times when you were young.

You would reminisce to me,

then compare it to what it became.

I envision myself in your trailer

walking down the hall.

I hear the loud noise of t.v.

It's time to watch baseball.

I remember Bingo nights,

When you and I we'd go.

I would hold a lucky penny,

in my shoe below.

I can envision homemade cookies

on a kitchen plate,

How the smell would fill the room

I could hardly wait...

I recall Christmas time,

underneath the tree.

All the gifts were always open,

except the one to you,

from me.

You would always wait to open,

until I would get there.

Then we'd both exchange our gifts,

as you rocked in your rockenchair...

I recall when you'd see me,

how you'd take my hand.

Then you'd place your arms around me,

saying "It's nice to see you Brand."

I now have that rockenchair,

I love to rock it too.

When I swing it back and forth,

It makes me think of you...

When I see a butterfly

It brings such peace to me.

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