The Chess Board of Life - Visitor's Poem

by Pranitha Devi Wickins
(Pietermaritzburg; kwazulu Natal, South Africa)

How often have we wondered
why it had to be
that the innocent are punished
while the guilty are set free

How often have we wondered
why God turns the other cheek
when babied are being molested
and our spirits grow weak

And then I took a moment
reflecting on our life
and suddenly it dawned on me
an explanation for this strife

Have you ever contemplated
the world as a game of chess
where any movement on the board
allows for the next test

Can you see the pieces
as an event or a sorrow
where are you on the board
are you waiting for tomorrow?

I suppose what I am saying
In my round about way
Is that events happen by man's hand,
But God has the last say

What was your reaction
To the last nasty situation
Did you shake your head and walk away
Or just exclaimed in dismay

What was your move
on the chess board of life
to challenge that awful hurt
that pierced you like a knife

I believe the pain we feel
should trigger us to react -
to play the next move -
To counter the attack

I believe there is no coincidence
Why you see the things you do
Why you choose the path you did
Why you need to find the clue

I believe that my emotion
To the events of this world
Is God's way of prompting me
To be God's chosen girl

God's given each of us
a wondrous precious talent
sometimes we never use it
allowing it to lie dormant

Maybe if we use our talent
whatever it may be,
We could be the difference
That may be the key

Each talent bestowed upon us
If used like the Father intended,
Could be the answer to the world
That would otherwise be surrendered.

Copyright © 2010 Pranitha Devi Wickins, (A.k.a Nisha Wickins). All rights reserved.