My Best Friend - Visitor's Poem

by Destiny Kohler
(Watervliet, MI, USA)

To: Ann Marie Lucas

We've been friends since kindergarten,
We've been split apart,
We've gotten into troubles together,
We've lied for one another,
We do everything together,
And so I'm proud to say that you're my best friend,
When you needed me I was there as you were for me,
Ann, I'm so happy to be your friend no matter what happens
I hope you know that I'm here for you,
If you're miles away I'll come to you,
You're my best friend and you'll always be,
You've taught me to drive,
And to forgive others,
You taught me to go to school and never give up,
You've made me become a better person inside and out,
Thanks Ann, if you ever need me you know where I'm at,
You're my best friend and I'm proud of that,
My Best Friend!