Hope and New Meaning

by Patt Richards
(St Julians, Malta)

Despair became a destructive friend of mine
You gave me strength to stand alone again
To try to seek a new happier future once more
I was secluded, remote, you cleared my mind
You spurred me on and restored inner dignity
You gave me back new hope and calm integrity

When I needed words of support, there you were,
When my hope was gone and my heart lay bare
There with supportive words to carry me through
A kindred spirit, warm with compassion and care
I found a better place; you gave that back to me
That‚€™s how I know how it is to be loved by you

Through the tears you came and gave me sanctuary
Your caring love moves me to hope and inner peace
A key to our emotion loves pure and true embrace
I had lost my belief and had felt my spirit break
You have restored my trust, my hope, my faith
Your love is a constant a love that won‚€™t forsake

All my life I will be with you forever, my isolated star
Without you my life would be an emptier lonelier place
When I was lost and alone you gave me a stronger will
We can take tomorrow, not a future we could ever know,
Looking back from the past and embrace what we have
Sweetest soulful friendship and bitterness reality‚€™s pill

You will feel my love and lifelong gratitude
It‚€™s so hard to let those feelings die, of how much I need you
Sweet memories that will live deep inside and can‚€™t fade
Sad bitter sweet fellowship binding and always true
To leave the world behind that lives right here in dreams
You gave my life back to me and for that
I will always, always, love you.

© 2010 Patti Richards

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