The Good Deed - Visitor's Funny Poem

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

Dear Father Christmas, please send mummy a few Quid.
'Cos daddy has gone and left us, and I'm one of seven kids.
Just enough to buy some food, and mummy a present too.
I'm not asking for a fortune. Say, forty Pounds will do.

The letter, sent to "Santa" and addressed to his Grotto.
Arrived among the other mail at the local Main PO.
And when they came to open it, the staff were all quite moved.
And so they had a whip round to buy the kids some food.

Those Posties, may God bless them, collected thirty Pounds
And was delivered, "Sent by Santa" by a Postman on his rounds.
They had needed no second bidding to carry out their deed.
And thanks to them those hungry kids would now enjoy a feed.

A second letter addressed to "Santa" arrived at the same PO.
The staff gathered for a reading, all anxious just to know.
The contents of that letter, and hear just what it said.
So one of the Postmen opened it, and this is what he read.

Thank you dear Father Christmas, for the money you sent today.
And although I asked for forty Quid, ten of it went astray.
But I'm sure you did send forty, so I reckon it must be them,
crooks down at the Post Office who nicked the other ten!

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