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Fear vs. Changing Gears

by Karin Destito
(Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

My fears are all too much,

I have so little control and I fuss.

Why do I let my fears overtake me?

No worries - I will not turn away and flee.

I am much too stubborn to give in to a false emotion,

For true love is my main devotion.

Fear is always of false play,

It never stands true to your present day.

Grasping my life is first pick,

Oh boy, how amazing to not feel sick.

Fear versus Love is in the ring,

Watch Out – I know love will win this sting.

Please now fear depart this unwilling heart,

I want no part of you, so do not even start.

You have been fired before I even became inspired,

Love to me is much more for me to desire.


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