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Where Are You My Love? - Visitor's Love Poem

by Beans
(Mumbai, India)

This is the world I know
This is the world I feel
It's another world that you live in
You can't cross that with your heels
It's been days since I saw you
But the last memories are still loud
Surely, I can do the next big thing
I will never let you go behind the clouds
I spend every day thinking of you
You come in my pain,
You come in my gain,
You are my soul's voice which growls at every sight.
You come in my thoughts every night
I draw your picture with every colour
Just to say, "I'll be alright"
My heart aches to miss you
It cries helplessly to see you
Distant landscapes fade into the sky
to say "I remember YOU"
My life is a canvas without colours!
My life is a sea without waves.
How can I survive without you?
I need your presence,
To fill my life with essence...
Every minute laced with a tinge of white
You say we are together; but,
it's been a long time since I've held you tight
The first touch to the last goodbye
Every meeting is close to our hearts
Can't you see what I'm going through,
Or you pretend 'coz you fear to share it with your shadow!
Or should I explicitly say, "My love, it hurts!"
Where are you baby, when will you come?
My tears demand an answer from you.
Take your time my sweetheart,
Till then, I will keep singing for you!
Till then I will keep singing for you!

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