Surround Yourself with Happy People - Visitor's Story

by Regina Cates
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)



One of the most empowering lessons I learned was to stop asking miserable people how to be happy.

Have you heard the saying, "Misery loves company?" Well it is true. There was a time in my life when I was miserable. I wanted other people around who would validate my suffering and support me in feeling bad. Yet, when I honestly looked at my relationships I realized I detested being around miserable people.

One day I decided that to actually heal, to be happy and to have a peaceful life what I needed to do was surround myself with people who were creating happy, balanced and peaceful lives. Wow! What a difference that made.

Happy people who are creating their lives with positive purpose are everywhere. They are eager to support our healing. All we need to do is seek them out. Then be quiet about our miserable suffering and listen, watch and learn how life works best.