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A Memory I Can't Hide

by Alonna Miller
(El Dorado Springs, MO, USA)

I see your image in the shadows of night
Thoughts of you transcend time and space
Wondering where you are---staring at distant city lights
Wanting you---but scared of the pace

Through shadows of night, I see your face
Life lies between past and present; it's rat race
I want to be always at your side
But there's a memory I can't hide

Another enters my mind
His memory still feels real
Memories that should have died by this time
Do I secretly hide a love I need to feel?

My mind feels like a total wreck
Longing to feel your kisses on my neck
Then at the worst time; his image appears
Tormenting me, frustration brings me to tears

My heart torn between past and present
I need his memory to die and not come back
You are the man I love and care for
I'll battle my demons, someday locking that door

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