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I Am Woman - Visitor's Poem

by Pranitha Devi Wickins
(Pietermaritzburg; kwazulu Natal, South Africa)

(An extreme illustration of role reversal in society today – Inspired by Proverbs 31:10)

I am woman,
Hear me roar
My words can smite you
To the core
And if you try to challenge my right
I’ll fight you back with all my might

Society tells me that it’s my turn
to have my say, to work and earn
to be the head in places of work
to be a woman is now a perk

I rule the roost in my home
I call the shots and choose my tone
I’m the breadwinner, I will decide
Even if my man wants to hide.
Is that how it’s meant to be
Do we need that particular key
I’m now confused, where does it stop
Should I still cook and clean and mop

Then my Father guided my eyes
And showed me fact from this world's lies
He showed me that we were always blessed
When we worked hard to protect our nest

He showed me not to think I’m wise
And look beyond what’s in my eyes
Wisdom and management is his gift to us
If our lives with him we trust
Where our man is head of the home
And our gifts never make him groan

I am woman
Feel me soar
When my man feels proud
my family’s secure.


Copyright © 2010 Pranitha Devi Wickins (A.k.a. Nisha Wickins). All rights reserved.


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