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We Will Never Know - Visitor's Love Poem

by Rose Ezzeddine
(Dubai, UAE)

Why do I keep the worst in mind?

Why do I keep thinking someday you won't be mine?

What about when you're sad will she know how to cheer you up?

Will she know that it only takes a small hug to turn the frown upside down?

Or how about when you like to share each small annoying detail about your day, will she have the patience to hear you out?

And when you're happy and you start singing and jumping will she jump with you?

I remember the day we met. The day I said I finally found the true meaning of happiness...

Can I be losing you this fast? Can I be wearing white for someone else?

Can I be a mom and you're not the dad?

Where would my life go if it wasn't there with you?

No matter where our destiny takes us

Remember this

I love you and only you

I will always have you in my heart for ever and ever

And if you think I moved on

Think again and you will see...

No matter where I go

I will always be there next to your heart


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