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Recipe for Gossip - Visitor's Poem

by Julia Santoro

1 nontoxic harmless action
1 €œHe said, she said€
Multiple backstabbing comments of your choice
5 exaggerations
1 Smirk
1 cup of guilt
1 Conscious
1 Misunderstanding
Multiple confessions
Dash of opinions
Any amount of anger

First, take a nontoxic harmless action.
Fold in a €œHe said, she said€
Add some backstabbing comments
Stir together for 2-3 minutes until blended.
Mix in 5 exaggerations for flavor.
Add a sense of Rumor and spread it around evenly
Sprinkle in a smirk
Simmer jealously until restless and nonstop
Slowly blend in the cup of guilt
Ball up a conscious in one small bowl
Knead in a misunderstanding
Bake in the confessions to add intensity to the recipe
Dash on opinions for flavor
Spread your anger over the cooled €œGossip€ and let sit
And serve secretly through comments, phone calls, and friends with your own Twist


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