Connection: Life

Connection: Life

by Miles Patrick Yohnke


"Sometimes awful things have their own kind of beauty. Children of God. That is what we are. And in ways we will always remain children. When we feel happiness it feels like it will never end sometimes. And when we feel sadness it feels like happiness will never return. These three poems were written in the early part of 2009 as glimpses into the human condition and its emotions."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke, Oct 6, 2010


crushed spirit, another life,
this life, and the wind taken from it,

another scar placed upon it, no more can it take,
the little child has lost its will, tears roll down his cheek,

Last scar.

By Miles Patrick Yohnke
© 2009 All Rights Reserved.


A thrown away life,
a disposable life,
this is how I feel,

like the daily trash on a curb,
or a back lane,
no more purpose, no more use,

with little value,
we treat lives like daily trash,

with this necklace of bricks,
I'm drowning in an ocean of tears,
an ocean of darkness,

my inner voice now only reaches a busy signal,
with a message of no longer in service,

will anyone find me?
can anyone find me?

By Miles Patrick Yohnke
© 2009 All Rights Reserved.


from rotary dial to fibre optics,
from homo-sapiens to human beings,
we are supposed to be a voice of reason,

sometimes a voice of reason,
other times a voice of doubt,
it is all within us,

sometimes a scream and sometimes a shout,
the difference lies in the truth of right and wrong,
within us is a voice of reason, a voice to choose rightly,

the voice of reason is as clear as HDTV,
our inner satellite points to this voice of reason,
our inner radio station plays the same song,
across our dial a voice of reason,

let us broadcast joy and hope to the world,
the text message reads we are all hope and joy.

By Miles Patrick Yohnke
© 2009 All Rights Reserved.

About the Author
Globally recognized and award-nominated engineer, producer, writer, poet and founder and C.E.O. of 5 Star Productions, Miles Patrick Yohnke brings many years of experience to the music industry; including many awards in sales and marketing. If you are looking at developing your career, Yohnke offers consulting in person, by phone or via email. For more info, please contact him directly at: 306.227.6379 or email at: miles(at)


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