Past is Deep - Visitor's Poem

by Rutvi Vadera
(Gujarat, India)

I am stuck up in the memories of past.
some, making me feel sorrowful,
some greeting me gleefully,
some memories which I recall with regret
and some, inspiring me, telling me to stand up
and fulfill my dream.

Sometimes I lay on the couch with a pensive mood,
recalling each and every memory that made my past.
All memories falling drop by drop
making me swim in the vast ocean of past...

I remember seeing my dad for the last time,
how he greeted me HAPPY BIRTHDAY,
with a wide smile on is face.

I remember myself totally broken down
with a feeling of wanting to die
then came my mom inspiring me,
motivating me and asking me to never lose heart.

I remember the incident of 9/11,
the two tantalizing towers falling from pride,
my friend, dying there, screaming for help,
but that's the last time I saw her.

When I recall the past, I see myself grown
more confident, bolder and more positive...
That's true, we learn from the mistakes of past
and make our future better...