Julio (One Great Summer) - Visitor's Poem

by Jassy Asuncion-Gonzales
(Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines)

For the first time in my life I had one great summer experience.
Of course it wasn't be that great if not for you.
All the times we've shared was really remarkable and it has been placed in my heart forever.
Although we just had a little time spent, but every minute spent with you was truly amazing.
Let me borrow your favorite expression - Awesome!
Yes! It was really an awesome experience spending my summer of 2010 with you.

First, I though it was just a pretty boring some-kind-a-like summer for me.
Although I'm with my "so-called friends" in the beginning of my summer, still i was just a "plain-normal" summer.
But when I got to meet you, things really has changed.
And from that "plain-normal" pretty boring some-kind-a-like summer, it turned out to be a fantastic summer.

It was a long summer for the Philippines this 2010 because of the El Nino.
And from that long summer, I only got 7 days spent with you.
But with that 7 days, I can say that it was one hell of a summer experience.
For me, those 7 days seems forever and every minute of it was truly memorable.
We never had a dull moment together.
Probably because you are one good conversationalist and that you stimulates me intellectually.

I can say the most exciting part of our 7 days summer was when we talk.
Yes! We really talk a lot.
We talked about almost everything.
Anything that can possibly talked to.
Regardless of whats our topic, it's still a good conversation and at the end of the day we both learned a lot from each other.

Another exciting part of my summer was our so-called "getaways".
We've visited places that once I've taken for granted.
Those "get-away" places we've been were one nothing to me.
But when i got the chance to revisit those places, this time with you, I've learned to appreciate the beauty those places are offering.
Now I'm more proud about what the country has to offer.

One challenging part of my summer with you was the fact that you are not a Filipino.
You are a Mexican-American who just came here in the Philippines for an "OFFICIAL BUSINESS plus PLEASURE trip.
My inhibitions for foreigners being friends with a Filipino has gone.
Although I had experienced working with foreign nationals before, but I haven't gotten a chance to really be close on a personal level.
Yes! I really had some inhibitions with foreigners like you.
I'm sorry.
Probably the reason why I was skeptical was because I grew up seeing some Filipinas being abused by foreigners.
But enough of that skepticism and inhibitions of mine because you proved me wrong - and I thank you for that.

You've treated me fairly.
I never felt inferior to you.
You always respects my point of views.
No cultural barriers between us.
No racial discrimination.
You treated me as if I'm one of your kind.
In short you've accepted me.

You just don't know how grateful I am.
Thank you so much for making my summer worth remembering.
Yes! it was really worth remembering.
The memories of my summer with you is priceless, incomparable and unbeatable.
I don't know if I could have another summer experience like what we had shared.
Probably not any more or perhaps I could experience it again if I'm with you.
Who knows only time can tell.

But still I'm hoping that I could get to be with you again.
I could get another chance to have another wonderful summer experience again.
Anyway, summer is yearly.
Whether i likes it or not, summer will come.
And I hope and pray that when summer comes, you're here.
Or if not, still in my heart and in my mind I had experienced sharing the most wonderful and memorable summer of my life.

The only regret I have was I was not able to show you how grateful and thankful I am.
Grateful for letting me know you and thankful for letting me share the summer with you.
I was really blessed for knowing such a wonderful, kind and down to earth person like you.
I thank God for that Blessings.
Yes! I am truly blessed.

With that 7 days, I got to learn more from you.
I've learned to value life. love and friendship more.
Like what you have said "LIVE LIFE AND LOVE YOURSELF".
Yes! I'm actually applying it now.
Thank you for that.

The saddest part of my summer was when the time we need to say goodbye.
Yes, it was really hard on my part.
It's really funny but with that 7 days, I got to be attached with you.
It seems that I've known you all my life and it hurts me seeing you go.
Seeing you go without the surety of seeing you again.
But that life and nothing is permanent in this world.
I just need to accept the fact that you have to go.
I have no choice but to really let you go.
Letting you go in the sense that you need to go back home.
But you know what...? I did not totally let you go...
Because in my heart I'm still holding you - your memories.
And I'll keep your memories in my heart forever.

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