About Julisa - Visitor's Love Poem

by Robert Chance
(Idabel, USA)

I have never thought
I never would have known
how much I truly loved you
until I look into your eyes again,
you are my soul mate
my lover
my best friend,
you make me smile
you make me laugh
and cry when I feel you hurt,
now that I am complete
now that I have wings
I will always take you with me in my dreams,
you are my dream come true
when the world falls around me
you hold me up
when I fall down
you are my strong arms
when I am week
you are my everything
and my everything is all yours,
I look into the future
and I see you as family
I see me and you on a tall mountain
looking in to heaven
god smiling down on us
as we share our life together,
our future is bright and full of love
our hearts is as one
and I will always love you with all my heart.