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by Alonna Miller
(El Dorado Springs, MO, USA)

A tiny child born out of love
A beautiful, precious gift, from the heavens above
Born innocent of hate and rage
But unknown to her, her time on earth can end any day

She has fought everyday throughout her short life to survive
She doesn't know any other way
She wants to be like everyone else; just feel accepted and alive
But she's weak at times, too lifeless to even play

Her parents' love; they give their all
Letting her be a child; play and even fall
They let her try be everything she can
Watching her play, wild and free as she ran

Her parents can only hope and pray
That all the Doctors are wrong; that their world won't turn cold and gray
They fight the system every way they can to save her life
Their angel, their gift, for Emmy this child of God; it has to be alright

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