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Love Me - Visitor's Love Poem

by Asia Thomas
(Harper Woods , MI, USA)

Take me as I am, love me, hold me, support me, show me the way. Welcome me unto your world, teach me the things that I don't know, hold my hand and walk with me.

I'm willing to take your advice in, lock it in, and carry it with me wherever I go. Just trust in me, believe in me, get to know me all the way.

Don't leave me at the cross-road without any love, support, help and care. Don't leave me, take me wherever you go, I'm down with you through good and bad, I'm here to encourage you, help you, and love you.

We can make this last, we can create history, we can grow old together, just give me a chance, look into me and tell me what you see.

Your advice, it can help me, you never know what your advice can do to me. Everytime we talk I have this one great feeling, my heart tells me he's the one for me and this relationship is worth it.

Take me to your family, introduce them to your Queen, bring me around more so they can get to know how great of a person I am. I need you to know that I love you and what we have is endless. I Love You!

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