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Healing - Visitor's Poem

by Brianna Headen
(Greensboro, NC, United States)

Healing is a gift from God given to special people
whom He chooses to anoint for such a special task.
Healing doesn't just come from the medicine given
but from the hands that give it and
from the smiles that come with it.
The touch on the shoulder, or the hug or
love that says everything will be ok.
It's in the box with all the surprises, and the
moments I feel like I'm the only special kid.
Even in the small exam room where
one can act a fool with each of you
to ease the pain of this long hard road.
Healing comes from the love that
each of you have for such a person like me.
God has anointed and appointed you to be
His special tool to heal my sick driven body,
and whether God chooses to heal me
on earth or in his heavenly home.
I always thank God for you.

Comments for
Healing - Visitor's Poem

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May 02, 2011

My dear Brianna

You obviously have a great feeling for healing. The way you write and express yourself points to this. But we all have the opportunity to heal. Very often we do it without even being aware of it.

For instance, you pass someone in the street dragging a leg who has obviously had a stroke, and you send them a loving thought: god bless you my friend and make you well. That is a healing thought. You stop and speak to a neighbbour or friend who you know has not been well, and ask how they are feeling. And as you walk away you say: I wish you better. That too is healing thought, and we do it practically every day of our lives without realising it.

Some of us of course do it full time. I am talking of course of laying on hands, for which we train by sitting in awareness circles, and meditating and by generally dedicating ourselves to it.

But my angel, we are not special people, and we do not have special powers ourselves. If we could heal, we would be able to walk on water. Although we are called healers, we are really only healing mediums. We are only channels. A vessel through which god and his healing spirits work. In short, we are only as good as the healing spirit working through us.

You see, Brianna, we are all just a spirit in a human shell. And when that shell can no longer sustain our spirit we discard it and go home. So in that context, there is nothing very startling about a spirit this side of life acting as a channel for a healing spirit on the other side of life. So you see, everybody has the ability to become a healing channel. It is just that not all of us have the inclination, or the dedication.

But you certainly appear to have a feel for it.

A visit to a spiritualist church may convince you of this. Love and light. God bless you.

Richard John Scarr. Vice President Brotherhood Gate Spiritualist Church. Brighton England.

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