Thoughts of You - Visitor's Love Poem

Thoughts of You - Visitor's Love Poem

by Normita Pangan
(Manila, Philippines)

I woke up hours ago and you€™re the first thought that came to me
I know it sounds crazy but right now that€™s just me
I have never been in this state, and though it feels good it€™s so scary
It€™s so easy to be just in that plateau and be myself so carefree
But now I long for that someone and my head is bugging me
Falling in love is way too hard, I really think it€™s insanity
But people left and right do it, and I€™m sure it€™s supposed to be healthy
But now I€™m spinning like a top and my life is moving in high velocity
I€™m catchin my breath, I€™m holdin my legs, it€™s too constricting
But I€™m being calm as I could, though I€™m driven sometimes by impulsivity
I€™m still in the process of growth and masterin control is not easy
But everyday I watch the clock tickin, thoughts of this love nags me
I may never step on this platform again, I may never have back this intensity
This simple joys of life is way too slippery, and these are what matters to me
So I€™m sayin this now before I forever lose the time and opportunity
Whatever happens, whatever the future holds
I want you to know..
that you would always be my greatest love story.

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