I'll Be Okay Without You - Visitor's Poem

by Aryn Nantau
(Ontario, Canada )

You brought me into this world, but I entered it alone.
I don€™t need your understanding, or for your love to be shown.
I€™ve raised myself, I€™ve grown very strong.
Yes, you will always have taught me
the difference from right and wrong.
I thank you for what you have done,
though you were never really there.
I felt it deeply in my heart, that you didn€™t ever care.
The times I went through on my own,
I found in my mind a safe zone.
A place where no one would ever see, a place that only I could be.
You€™ve left me alone when everything went dark,
And on my heart you forever left a mark.
If you hadn€™t ever doubted me I wouldn€™t be where I am.
I would never have found what€™s in my heart,
or be standing where I stand.
If you never claimed me crazy or mental I wouldn€™t be found,
Inside myself true acceptance all the way around.
Because of you, I€™m growing up finding true peace.
And everyday no matter what I will fully seize.
There are moments that have been good, between you and me.
But when you are looking, you don€™t really see.
You blame your troubles on the way that I am,
You hate me for being different and I call you a sham.
Being creative, quirky and unique, it€™s all not right to you,
Your true self is weak. I am real the woman I€™ll always be,
And if you don€™t see my greatness, you do not see me.