Untitled Poem - Visitor's Love Poem

by Robert F. Vinion Jr.

I love her so much,

She means everything to me.

And just with one touch,

to herself, she had me.

She is so perfect,

Everything she does,

makes me feel so terrific.

I'm so lucky to have her, because:

She is amazing,

I love her laugh, smile, her touch.

Her beauty is so achieving,

I love the way she kisses me, how we touch.

My heart is hers,

As hers is mine.

Like the roots of flowers,

our love intertwines.

God bestowed upon us,

True love and protection.

His gifts, made prosperous,

Forevermore, benediction.

Our love is divine,

So pristine and fine

You can try and divide,

But find yourself unfine.

Gosh I love her so,

Her maturity, love, strength.

She likes to show,

She is mine, at all lengths.

I will do anything for her,

Go to all measures,

so you don't harm her.

I love her will all my heart,

You will never take us apart.

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