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Endless Love - Visitor's Love Poem

by John Arceno
(Iloilo city, Philippines)

I thought life is all about pains
It€™s all about heavy rains
It€™s all about sadness
Nothing but brokenness

But love penetrates in me so deeply
Inside my heart there rings a melody
Of tenderness, love, care, and harmony
Oh, truly love works amazingly

I€™m in love with a princess
An ugly frog that longed for a kiss
A lifetime fairytale that I don€™t want to miss
A dream that no one can ever erase

I want to build a castle of love
Its foundation is made up from above
Surrounded with beauty and serenity
A home for me and my princess for all eternity

My pen will carve my princess name
To the heart of the sea, so it will remain
Mysterious, unpredictable, and unchanging
Its fulfillment is shown in our wedding ring


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