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Link of Love and Weakness - Visitor's Story

by Angelica Villaflor

Upon having a struggle with myself this week, it led me to ask, where does really love begins or when does it ends? Many thoughts crossed my mind, I even examined myself to find the answer to this query.

As my mind was preoccupied with different ideas, and as I was having a battle with myself, I finally came to realize that there was a link between love and weakness.

People tend to fall in love with those who show strength and those who exhibit positive characteristics. However, we tend to hate those who are weak. Well, that's the reality. How could you love someone unlovable or how could you resist someone who's really loving? Literally speaking, that's the way it should go or it should be. But, looking at it closely, its opposite has a better sense.

I asked myself am I making a point out of this? Then I remembered Jesus. What if He's one of us, I mean what if He thinks the way we think, What if He judges like the way we judge each other? It would really be difficult for us or even worst nobody would be existing now.

Going back to the main topic, it may sound paradoxical but, shouldn't we begin loving someone when weakness begins to show? I just recognized that whenever someone is exhibiting his/her weakness then that's the time that we should begin loving them more. The word weakness itself implies that there's a greater need of understanding and consideration. Unfortunately, we lacked a lot of it nowadays. On the other hand, I am not saying that we should neglect those who are worthy of our love. What I am trying to say is, let's have a broader perspective in dealing with people. Let us appreciate those who are really worth appreciating, but let it not be a reason for us to prejudge and close doors to the weak and the mean.

If we are going to delve deeper, we'll be surprised to know that in one way or another we are also these people that I am talking about. We sometimes view ourselves superior than others, we even think that we're better than them. Let us remember that whatever goodness that we have or we demonstrate are just merely a manifestation of God's goodness, we are simply tools and instruments so that God's love could be radiated towards others. Moreover, we are not perfect, thus in our imperfections there are also weaknesses and in weaknesses there must be love to reciprocate it.

It might sound too self-righteous but this is what the Lord really wants. Just like Him, see others weaknesses as an opportunity to practice our unique capability... and that is to LOVE.....

Lord let me see others the way you are looking at me, full of compassion and with great love. Let every person I see be an opportunity to radiate your love and beauty. Amen!

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