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Who's Been Sleeping in My Grave - Visitor's Funny Poem

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

A drunk went into a graveyard.
full of whisky, and so feeling brave.
And too dark to see where he was going.
He fell into a freshly dug grave.

And to his disgust he was stuck there.
For the sides of the grave were too steep.
So he decided to wait until morning.
And settled down in a corner to sleep.

Then a policeman who chanced to be passing.
Entered the cemetery too.
Though nervous about this decision.
He needed to go to the loo.

Then the ground gave way beneath him.
And he too fell into the hole.
And so he was stuck and couldn't get out.
And he murmured: "Well god bless my soul!"

And then he heard someone breathing.
And goose pimples stood up like a rash.
And when behind him a voice said: "You'll never get out."
He gave a scream and was out in a flash!!!

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