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We Are Always Brought Back - Visitor's Love Poem

by Aryn Nantau
(Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada)

I hurt him, things fell apart and I broke them piece by piece.
Tonight, we’re out here in that familiar place
with lingering nostalgic emotions in the air.
There is alcohol involved, there are memories and hearts on the line.
We don’t seem to care, we keep being brought back.
Right back here, in the same place, just the two of us.
I like the way you smile and the moon lights up your eyes.
You point at the stars and we make a wish.
When you kiss me, I know it means more -
so I pull away and hide my face.
You’re hurt all over again, but it was never my intention.
None of this was.
But as I walk away, you’re telling me to stay.
Would you stay here with me? Just tonight?
I can’t bring myself to walk away and
when you kiss me I kiss you back.
Tonight, the moon is full and something aches in my heart.
Something makes me hold onto you, but just for tonight.
When the sun comes up I’m ready to go, it’s over now.
Who says the night has to end now? He asks me.
I can’t meet his eyes, but the sobriety of the sun
keeps my feet in tune and I keep walking.
I walk away, farther and farther down the road.
I don’t know where I am going, what my next adventure will be,
or if I’m making the right choice.
But as I walk away I know we will meet again.
We are always brought back- to that familiar place, those familiar feelings nostalgically.
We are always brought back, just the two of us, you and me.

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