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Somebody - Visitor's Poem

by Rutvi Vadera
(Gujarat, India)

Many times in life we feel
somebody is there who knows how to heal.
Have you ever felt somebody touch your soul?
Somebody inspiring you to accomplish your goal?

Thoughts come and go and leave an impression on our minds,
some of the answers of the questions we never find.
But somebody clears the confusion inside,
and always walks with us side by side...

Many a times you realize your mistakes
and think, "Why did I spoil the cake?"
But somebody gives you the chance of retake,
a chance to clear the mistake which you make...

"Life can be monotonous without sorrows and joys,
so live it positively girls and boys"
Somebody is always there looking at a glance
'coz nothing happens by chance...

Somebody and something is as powerful as a sword,
and that is none other than God...


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