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People - Visitor's Poem

by Jenna Feldman
(Illinois, USA)

People move. We move on, we move forward.
We learn from our mistakes and remember what we did right.
Some of us only make it through the day so we can dream.
We learn from children about the best way to deal with life.
Everyday we learn that yesterday was
a little bit better than we thought.
Every breath we take is another way of saying I want to live today.
We watch miracles happen every second,
what we don't recall is that in some little way we helped it happen.
What we never seem to realize is that
we do something amazing everyday,
but don't see its meaning to someone else.
We lie because the truth is a little boring.
We sing because it's the way our soul can speak.
We love whenever we can.
We jump off cliffs so we can feel alive.
We spend our days dreaming and our nights remembering.
We do live in a world with good people,
people who would rather spend the day helping with the kids
rather than talking about what they are going to do.
We sit back and watch and think about what we could have done.
We are happiest when we are with the ones we love.
We fall in love with anything and everything.
We ask questions because we don't know,
we know because we were taught.
We hide because we aren't ready to be seen.
We live that last day because we wanted to.

Comments for
People - Visitor's Poem

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Aug 23, 2010
People by Jenna Feldman
by: Mary Sweeney

Hi Jenna,I thought your poem was beautiful. A thought came to me while reading the part where you said that people could do such wonderful things without even knowing. I have been through a hard time losing my twin. A lot of people had a lot to say, some told me how I should feel. Others told me I needed to make more of an effort, some told me I needed to pull myself together, and worst of all how my sister would be so annoyed at me for being like this but, the people who really helped, who really showed they cared and who really helped said nothing at all. "They listened." I'm sure they never even knew how much they helped but after reading your poem, in time I will be sure to tell them.

Aug 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

I absolutely love the honesty of this.
It made me rethink a few things in my life, I would say for the better.

This is really great.

Aug 16, 2010
Interesting observations
by: Fion

Hi Jenna, thanks for sharing your observations about people through this poem! This is such a great point:
"What we never seem to realize is that
we do something amazing everyday,
but don't see its meaning to someone else."

How often we fail to see that simple acts such as a kind word or a sincere warm smile could bring a light to someone's day. We thought it's too ordinary and think nothing much of it while it touches someone's heart.

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