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The Party Man - Visitor's Poem

by Randy Holland
(Sulphur, Ok, USA)

Remember how,
It used to be
You and me
And your best friend
Made three!
Lack of knowledge
Made me an easy mark,
Can't see the light
When you live in the dark!
That's ok though,
It's all been said and done,
Through the mist of it,
We had some fun!

Remember how,
We used to laugh a bit,
And talked about
A lot of crazy shit,
But those days
Turned into some crazy times
Caught up in a game,
That would ruin your mind!
A life of misdirection,
Smoke and mirrors,
Will you teach me more,
Can you make it clearer!
A world of illusion
Day after day
A game with no winner,
Only hell to pay!

Remember how,
I used to shout,
As y'all tore my heart
Inside out!
As I tried to pass
All the test,
I gave my heart,
You took the rest!
So I write this
To heal my soul,
To water my garden
And make it grow
I'll come out of this
A better man,
I have the blueprints,
To the master plan!

The game may have hurt me
And brought me to my knees,
Left me standing naked
As a dirty disease,
With no name,
To increase my sorrow
And multiply my shame!
That's ok,
Guess it was my fault,
It was my choice to play
Guess I'll live on
For another damn day!

But in hindsight,
Looking at that ole' 20/20,
With the sour so sweet
And the bitter plenty!
I never meant to hurt
Or cause any pain,
Just got caught up in
That turbulent rain!

So, if all the same to you,
For I don't know really,
What else to do!
I'll just bring out a man defeated
If it would only admit
It kind of cheated!
For it "came with no rules,
Nor game plan,
For a lonely fool
To a bitter man!"
Just take off your shoes
Stick em' in the sand,
Jump on board,
See "the party man"!

To boldly go,
Where lots have been before,
We all sell out,
And become the whore!
Created by our own lust
And natural sin!
If you had a do over,
Would you do it again?
The price of admission
'ain't no big thing'
A knock on a door,
Make a telephone ring!

Tell sweet lies
And swallow your pride,
Open your heart
And let the devil inside!
And he will give you knowledge
That you need to know,
To water his garden
And make it grow!
Now he holds your life
In his hand,
To guide with precision,
His "master plan!
But I'll find a way
To pull free!
For after all,
This ain't about him no more,
This is "about me"!

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