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by Miles Patrick Yohnke

Duncan MacPherson - July 1989

Duncan MacPherson - July 1989

The people that know me well know that I love cycling and train most days for four hours. My personal record time was finally achieved at 57 minutes in the 42.5km time trial on July 24th, 2009. For a month in my training I had placed white tape on each of my four fingers, on both hands. Each piece of tape has a letter, spelling D.U.N.C.A.N.2.0.

This is a tribute to my friend Duncan MacPherson. On Aug 9th, 2009 it was twenty years since his passing on.

Duncan's parents lived across the street from my grandparents. As kids, from time to time, we would play. In our early twenties as young adults we would start hanging out again. He too loved cycling and in his off-season from playing professional hockey would cycle as part of his conditioning. Both of us would often train together.

Duncan had a passion for excellence in everything he did, particularly in his sport of choice. Hockey. He was drafted by the N.Y. Islanders in the first round in 1984. He loved a challenge. He loved trying something new. He gave his best to each day.

I learned so much from him during those summers. The commitment. The level of training one needed to do. He made me appreciate every new day in a way I hadn't before. The bike frame that I use today is the same one I used then. Sure, the ones now are one-third the weight and far superior. But this frame has a history and in part I use it to remember his life.

Since his death, some people have remarked how sad it was that he was just twenty-three when he died. But the way I look at it Duncan was alot like the "morning glory" flower. Morning glories, if you look closely at them, will show you how extraordinary they are both in colour and texture. And that in their center, is a kind of golden light that shines from within. At the end of the day they turn a most beautiful shade of lavender and then close up, wither, and die. They live for only one day and then they are gone.

You see, it doesn't matter how long your life is. It only matters that you were here in all your glory, and that you opened up completely and let your light shine. And that you brought joy to those who came into contact with you. That's what matters to the morning glory, and that's what should really matter to all of us.

Monday, Aug 1st, 1989 was the last day I saw my friend Duncan. His last words were: "Miles, I don't know when I'll see you again."

I remember his face and those words as if it were yesterday. So, I place the white tape and the letters to give thanks for all his glory. For his extraordinary life. To keep challenging myself and others as he did.

Dedicated to my friend: Duncan MacPherson
(February 3, 1966 - August 9, 1989)

For more on the life of Duncan MacPherson and the book: Cold a Long Time, click here: http://www.coldalongtime.com

By Miles Patrick Yohnke
© 2009 All Rights Reserved.


Author John Leake giving a reading from his latest book "Cold a Long Time".

Author John Leake giving a reading from his latest book

Author John Leake giving a reading from his latest book

Author John Leake giving a reading from his latest book

Author John Leake giving a reading from his latest book

Photos by Terry Schulhauser


Miles Patrick Yohnke in a casual environment

About the Author
Globally recognized and award-nominated engineer, producer, writer, poet and founder and C.E.O. of 5 Star Productions, Miles Patrick Yohnke brings many years of experience to the music industry; including many awards in sales and marketing. If you are looking at developing your career, Yohnke offers consulting in person, by phone or via email. For more info, please contact him directly at: 306.227.6379 or email at: miles(at)5-starproductions.com.

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May 14, 2012
Best Birthday Present Ever
by: Gary


As it goes and as it comes, the love that is shared by this unending Mom and Dad have truly showed the heart of being a parent. I can only strive for such true bond with my children. This is inspiration. They also show that such giving, sharing and sacrifice have in a small part came back to them in seeing the efforts of you and Mr. Leake. And there is more to them behind these two incredible parents. For one, I am in their goal of striving for that parenting quality. It is a true bar to behold. Thank you MacPhersons.

The best ever birthday present I received was this book from my daughter, who had it signed and relayed the signing night's excitement. She said that it was something great.

I hope this has quieted your soul knowing some of the details, and of the end to such a gift in Duncan's life. God can only imagine it all. This is just hard to believe and I cannot comprehend a loss like this. If it's my own, could I do it? Could I survive? Many do though, but it leaves that memory, that feeling of an empty spot, and above all shows such a love among the family. We can only celebrate this in our hearts.

I will read this soon and let it sink in and feel the emotions.

As always, your friend,

May 14, 2012
The Power of Love from the Human Soul and Spirit
by: Mike Murphy

Not once have I ever witnessed any attention-seeking action or self-pity from Duncan's parents nor author John Leake.

During the media coverage regarding their search for the truth, they have shown nothing but sheer determination to uncover the poorly investigated and utterly irresponsible responses from the authorities and all parties connected to his disappearance.

Hopefully this story will encourage others to never give up in their own fight for the truth. Through love and only love, do the MacPhersons demonstrate this and persevere. Through his investigation, John Leake is a true leader.

Drawing from a love bond of their child that no knife could cut off, not even the knives of the seemingly non-concerned nor non-caring civic employees involved could separate the MacPhersons from that bond with their son.

For author John Leake to believe in their plight and take up the battle alongside Duncan's parents, demonstrates both a testament to his character and his values as both a human being and a professional. By his unselfish dedication to the facts, he has demonstrated through his own actions, for others to take up such a cause so noble as two parents seeking the truth for closure.

Thank you to the MacPhersons and author John Leake for enriching our lives through their examples. If ever the world needed a story displaying true, honest emotions and a real connection to the power of love from the human soul and spirit, this is surely it.

Mike Murphy
Saskatoon, Canada

May 14, 2012
Incredible Determination
by: Claudia Pornaro

I watched the book trailer. It is moving and I will definitely get the book. I am always amazed by people like Duncan's parents that choose not to be victims of their circumstances, but to be in action and search for answers till the end no matter what. Incredible determination, perseverance, and incredible love... Inspiring.

Claudia Pornaro
Montreal, Canada

Jul 19, 2010
Doesn't matter how long we live...
by: Fion

Hi Miles, thanks for another great story of yours! I especially like your words here, "You see, it doesn't matter how long your life is. It only matters that you were here in all your glory, and that you opened up completely and let your light shine. And that you brought joy to those who came into contact with you."

So many times, we fail to open up ourselves and let our light shine forth, thinking we have a lot of time, thinking there's always the future. But we never know, do we?

Click here to add your own comments

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