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Occupy Yourself

by Miles Patrick Yohnke

"With credit card shopping available in one hand and my smartphone in the other, I'm living the current American dream..."

Recently, I was asked why I didn't have the latest computer. Why didn't I have a smartphone, and why was I not on any social medias given what computers can do today. My current computer seems to give me all the tools needed to express myself. During my life in the 80's and 90's, I had the latest (ahead of the curve if you will) of technology. Or so I thought. In reality, I was way behind the real curve. As I didn't spend that time developing me. Upgrading me. I should have been the latest model or version. We should develop (place your name here) 2.0, 3.0, 4.0S, etc, versions of ourselves instead. Daily.

In the 2010 documentary film by Charles Ferguson entitled: "Inside Job," (the film that helped spark the occupy movement), Ferguson brings us into the worlds of many so-called powerful people, including Chairman and CEO Richard S. Fuld Jr. of Lehman Brothers.

Richard S. Fuld Jr.'s face had been observed to be the universal symbol of Wall Street greed. On Oct. 6, 2008 (three weeks after Lehman Brothers filed the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history), he apparently walked away from Lehman's a wealthy man who had earned $485 million. But taxpayers were reported to be left with a $700 billion dollar tax bill to rescue Wall Street and an economy in crisis.

According to the film, Richard S. Fuld Jr. has a $14,000,000 oceanfront home in Florida, a summer getaway home in Sun Valley, Idaho (filled with millions of dollars of paintings). He owns not one nor two, but six corporate jets, a 767, and a helicopter. This is along with many more luxurious properties.

Charles Ferguson goes on to interview Glenn Hubbard (who used to be the chief economic advisor to George Bush and is now the dean of Columbia Business School). Martin Feldstein (Professor of Economics at Harvard) is also interviewed. It appears that Fuld Jr., Feldstein, and Hubbard had misled the American people. For their own personal gains from greed. In the film and in watching them in many other programs, I find both men come off looking terribly stupid. Especially considering their statures. Weak. Insecure. They seem to demonstrate a lack of knowledge towards the basic fundamentals of life, which is also alarming, given the positions that they are presently in.

"Try not to become a man of success but a man of value," said Albert Einstein.

Do Richard S. Fuld Jr., Martin Feldstein, or Glenn Hubbard's lives have any value?

Can we truly blame them? I mean everywhere we turn, our modern world is so inundated with marketing and advertising that has one goal and one goal only. And that is to make a product so attractive that the consumer feels a need or desire to possess it in order to feel fulfilled or popular or happy.

Society tells us that if we have this car, we are somehow better than another. That if we live in this type of home, we are somehow better off than others. If we have this type of clothes, again, we are somehow better. Though the real story is that the woman or man is doing all this to be liked.

Glenn Hubbard, Martin Feldstein and Richard S. Fuld Jr. just wanted to be liked. From their current body language, pitch of voice, and how they conduct themselves, to me they still remain insecure people.

This is just it. We all want to be liked. In fact, it's a basic human need, the need for acceptance. From the executive to the janitor, we just want to be liked. The problem comes in when we think our value is based on what we have, what we do, who we are. Our outer world mirrors our inner reality. To the extent that we seek to obtain the outer trappings of wealth, fame, and power, is to the extent that we reveal that within we need validation, somebody to tell us we are good enough because we don't feel good about ourselves. We are all struggling!

These men and their lack of self-respect are obvious to the inquisitive. They forgot to develop themselves. To enrich their own being. You can't buy respect.

Media like to put people like them on pedestals. People kiss their butts. They believe they're all this or that. But arrogance doesn't lead to self-respect. Nor does being inflated by media attention.

Oprah Winfrey is another great case. I believe any person that has to have their face on each and every issue of their own magazine just screams insecure. Have I proven myself to you yet? Am I good enough? Am I worthy?

When you love yourself, you're much more likely to be loving to others. People with sincerely good self-esteem have much less or little need to demean others. When you respect yourself, you're much more likely to respect others.

Glenn Hubbard, Martin Feldstein and Richard S. Fuld Jr.'s behaviors show their true self-images. People who love themselves don't sabotage their careers or do such blatantly stupid things.

Their actions show what a superficially inflated level of happiness they have. Low self-images. Money, expensive possessions, and career success don't translate into happiness. It begins from inside and radiates out.

Social medias are not really about connecting. It is a platform for self. Let's talk about me. Myspace should hook up with Facebook and you'd have MyFace. For the most part this is what it is really all about. Yeah, look at me. ME ME ME. What one posts or tweets about is mostly mundane with little value and disconnects us long-term. From self.

I truly believe that if you want to create a healthy and honourable movement, you'll start by occupying yourself first. Developing and upgrading your own being. Upgrading your mind. Upgrading your own hard-drive. We must input new data. My input determines my output. Garbage in, garbage out. Good in, good out. You must now download anti-virus software of truth to rid your hard drives of self pity, indecision, doubt, greed, ego, low self esteem. Downloading apps of love, joy and peace to your own soul.

We need to stop and take ownership of our lives. To develop and accept that happiness isn't within possessions. Happiness lies within us. If one wants to change the world, one must first change themselves. Occupy yourself.

As Dr. Suess said: "We can, we got to do better than this."

By Miles Patrick Yohnke
© 2012 All Rights Reserved.

Miles Patrick Yohnke press release photo

About the Author
Globally recognized and award-nominated engineer, producer, writer, poet and founder and C.E.O. of 5 Star Productions, Miles Patrick Yohnke brings many years of experience to the music industry; including many awards in sales and marketing. If you are looking at developing your career, Yohnke offers consulting in person, by phone or via email. For more info, please contact him directly at: 306.227.6379 or email at:

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Comments for
Occupy Yourself

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Apr 03, 2012
I would choose this passage...
by: Claudia

"I truly believe that if you want to create a healthy and honorable movement, you'll start by occupying yourself first. Developing and upgrading your own being. Upgrading your mind. Upgrading your own hard-drive. We must input new data. My input determines my output. Garbage in, garbage out. Good in, good out. You must now download anti-virus software of truth to rid your hard drives of self-pity, indecision, doubt, greed, ego, low self-esteem. Downloading apps of love, joy and peace to your own soul." - Miles Patrick Yohnke

If one would walk away remembering but one passage from this enlightening piece, I choose this one. The examples of those in the world that mistake outer fixes to be what will fill an inner void are many. This article shows that there is a way to have what we truly need and quell the hunger to fill that void (which most spend a lifetime filling by amassing material goods and outer recognition, possibly hurting themselves, many or humanity in the process). Thanks Miles for choosing to stand up to this and further to share what you find so those ready to hear it, will and might just find their own

Montreal, Canada

Apr 03, 2012
Standing Ovation for Miles
by: Mary Kabwe

Truly and sadly, society places on a pedestal, power, material and bling. Hardly can one find the works of Mother Theresa, Mahatma Ghandi, nor Abraham Lincoln screened on global TV networks. Hence, our children idolise material, power, gold, silver and diamonds. I know, and so do many others that when we die, we take nothing with us. No power, no material (other than the casket we are buried in), and no jewellery because normally there are so many vultures waiting to pounce on that. So then, why waste a lifetime chasing that which will never be truly yours? As you will never take it with you to the gates of heaven as testimony of your achievements on earth.

Therefore, why not then live a life of fulfilling your purpose on this earth? We all have a purpose on this earth, no one was created by accident. The life of Miles Yohnke was ordained even before he was born, that he shall be born as he was, struggling to learn to read and write, and that he shall lose his dearest father, but only after he had learnt so much from him, but that the spirit of his father shall live through the love and grace of a faithful, and serene mother.

The writing of Miles today reflects his purpose on this earth, but when he was struggling to learn to write and read, little did he know that one day he will share with me and many others that we need to occupy ourselves with only that that we can take away to the gates of heaven as testimony. I have chosen since I read Miles Yohnke 'Occupy yourself', to occupy myself only with love, respect for others and myself, and to achieve my purpose in life, which is neither power, material, nor bling, but it is doing that which I am best at. And I have so much peace.

Thanks to Miles for jump-starting me, yet my humblest gratitude is to our Creator and his dearest parents. Miles has a standing ovation in heaven.

Mary Kabwe, UK.

Mar 22, 2012
Miles, Miles, Miles! - Part 1
by: Mary

Hello.... and thanks for that beating and thrashing! It surely came at the right time. I always thought I did a post-mortem of my actions every day. I guess I wasn't just opening deep enough. You have opened up so many events in my life that have contributed to what I want to achieve, how to go about it, and the frustration I have developed when I could not achieve. But you know what, as I read each article I saw myself, as a young bride, occupying myself with material things because I discovered I did not find love; I stuck it thru because I dreaded divorce, and could not have survived on my own; I could not go back to my job in the bank (despite my job having given me so much personal satisfaction), after all the luxurious (loveless) life. Oh my god it goes on and on. One thing I know is that I was not content with the life I was living, and I found my love elsewhere. I found an excuse, which cost me dearly.

What I have learnt, and now know (of course from your articles) is to be comfortable in my own skin, that is achieving what I can achieve best, for as long it is improving someone else and satisfying me. I once had this discussion with one of my lecturers at University. She asked me what my children were doing, and I erupted into a volley of explaining how my children did not have any ambitions like myself, and how they were not interested in attaining University qualifications. The lady (whom I have so much respect for) turned to me and said, "It didn't matter what a child did, for as long as it was their dream, legal, and not illegal, but that they should follow their dream and do it well". I was dumbfounded, but to hear it from her, taught me a lot.

I was brought up by a father who believed only in University qualifications, marry a man who is an engineer, doctor, pilot, etc, and do the same for my children. To date, with four qualifications, two degrees, two Masters, I am still looking for my goal. There is one thing I have always known about myself, which has been confirmed now, (thanks to your articles): I have always loved people, wanting to help, wanting to love, wanting to comfort, share knowledge, keep people safe etc etc. I know today that through my desire to love in all its dimensions, is my purpose to take any job that will fulfill this purpose, but this job will also meet my desire to educate, share, increase awareness and security, because it will allow me to write without being stressed.

[comment to be continued below]

Mar 22, 2012
Miles, Miles, Miles! - Part 2
by: Mary

[continued from comment above]

I have an application form sitting in my house for the last month, (it has collected so much dust), and guess what? As soon as I have finished this email, I will send it in the post. It is a great humanitarian job, but I have been sitting here and thinking, "I can't do this kind of work", "I deserve better", "I am too qualified" and so on and so forth. Little did I realise that all my experiences and qualifications were God's preparation for me to stand up and fulfill my purpose in life, armed with the knowledge he allowed me to achieve. I have so much peace, once I found out how I can create myself, my face is blooming, I have found myself Miles. I was lost, but now I am found. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me! I am sure with the joy and strength I have, I could knock out Mayweather anytime (oh yeah while he is in jail), LOL. Seriously, my life was like an IKEA item with instructions in Chinese, now it's in English.

Miles, may you remain richly blessed. Have a blessed day, and God bless.

London, England

Mar 20, 2012
Sensational Article with Superb Observations
by: Sarah Hongerloot

Sensational article! My favorite line is in paragraph nine where you say: "The problem comes in when we think our value is based on what we have, what we do, who we are. Our outer world mirrors our outer reality." This concept thoroughly ties in line with what "A Course in Miracles" teaches and that is: "our world is a reflection of an inner condition" (that of the ego) and "to go within go without."

This article is a superb observation that the material world never reflects genuine happiness. Focusing on material greed derails any individual from illuminating their God-given gifts of authenticity designed to bring blessings to the world! It is an honor to be associated with a man who is real and expresses the truth without hesitation. His vigor to live life honorably is clearly demonstrated in his articles. Miles deserves high praise in his continuous efforts to exemplify conscious living.
Sarah Hongerloot
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Mar 09, 2012
by: Manisha

Speechless infact, Miles, that made me realised my self worthiness, and no external sources should be the reason for my happiness, it should be myself! Thanks!

Feb 28, 2012
Brilliant mind
by: Adrienne Whitner

Miles Patrick Yohnke is a brilliant mind, an amazing soul. He is a rare and precious jewel, a treasure awaiting the world's discovery. He's deep. He's real. He's true. Miles does not just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Therein lies his power to motivate and inspire others to action. Words backed by action alone have the power to touch, move, and inspire others.

Most people are subjected to their bodies, they let their bodies tell them what to do, a lower energy field. To reach that point where your mind dictates your body, that is the world in which Miles exist. That energy field, boundless, limitless. He vibrates at a very high energy field. It was said that when Mother Theresa or Gandhi walked into a village, that their very presence raised the level of consciousness in the village. Through his insight, wisdom, knowledge, discipline, and service to humanity, Miles raises the consciousness of those around him.

I am deeply indebted to Miles, overwhelmingly grateful for him, for pushing me to be all that I can and should be, so that I'm not like the millions of others who die with their songs in their hearts.

Adrienne Whitner
5th Grade Teacher
South Carolina, USA.

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