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I Am The Wolf

by Alonna Miller
(El Dorado Springs, MO, USA)

I am the hunter and the hunted
To live quietly and in peace is all I've wanted
You rarely see me, I stand silently guarding; I see you
I remain hidden in the trees, in the morning dew

You hear me though, that chilling mournful cry
My voice, the howl, as I raise my head to the sky
I pray to my ancestors the spirits of long past
For my survival, I will fight fiercely till the last

I am feared, for reasons I don't know why
I only hunt and kill to survive
Just like you, I protect my family, my land
You hunt, kill me, is my dead body a trophy of grand

I am the wolf, the beast you always fear
You hear my howls but don't see my tears
With the natives of this land, I lived in peace
Now hidden I stand guard to ensure my survival; at least

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