For A Pinch of Love - Visitor's Heartbroken Love Poem

by Angelo Milan Galera
(Lucban, Quezon, Philippines)

One cup of blood‚€¶

Stabbed for several times

Murdered by a wicked hand

Veins were cut

Am I trying to escape?

Red liquid started to flow

Dripping‚€¶on the floor

Can anybody foresee where will I go from here?

Can I run away from this catastrophic memory?

No whisper. No resonance at all.

One liter of tears‚€¶

Sobbing for many days

Tears gushed.

Am I not yet tired?

Crying for this silly heart

Screaming for my throbbing past

People try to weep the tears on my eyes

Saying I‚€™m not yet going to die

Why am I wasting my time for this obsession?

If there still a shoulder to lean on.

A single whisper meddles.

For a pinch of love‚€¶

This craze will not be the reason to breathe your last breath

A crazy stuff

A squander

Let us be true to ourselves

Will you ravage your life for him?

Countless voices filled the room.

‚€œTake away the knife on your hand

Wail the tears on your face

Are you insane?

Give your life a chance to love again!‚€