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Intoxicated Heart - Visitor's Love Poem

by Kasey Noll
(Duluth, MN, USA)

you€™re not the same.
I let you go€
Now I€™m losing you more than,
I ever thought I would.

Should I let you fall?
Not even a question,
I can€™t watch you,
Tear yourself apart.

So, dearest,
put it down,
The bottle that is.

If you still love me,
Come find me.
I€™m not through,
Loving you.

You say there€™s still love,
For me in that toxic heart.

So my love,
put it down,
Stay with me tonight.

You don€™t need that baby,
Just take my hand.

I won€™t let go.
If not me,
and it's her you seek,
You know she€™d agree.

We stand eye to eye,
Knowing your weakness.

Just throw it aside,
Hold onto us.
No matter who you choose,
It€™s not going to be alright.

Unwanted until you€™re sober,
Step away from temptation.
Hold your head high,
Be the man I know you are.

If you loved me,
You would be here with me,
Holding me,
Not your glass.

Make up your mind,
Another choice,
Where I€™m left begging,
Just choose me.

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