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I Am a Writer - Visitor's Poem

by Aryn Nantau
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

I€™m a writer, every time I write I€™m searching
in the depths of my soul.
Discovering a million souls in my own.
There are places that it can take you, bridges that you cross,
roads that you stumble upon, and characters that you will meet.
There is one character though that leads it all,
this character is always changing, growing and becoming.
This character is the writer.
The lessons that you can teach yourself, the developing that you can do on your own with a piece of paper and your own mind.
The sense of peace that you can find, and the sense of self.
Every new piece of material, every poem and story
becomes a part of you.
You learn something new every time about yourself
and about the world.
I am a writer, the character who is always searching
for a new meaning.

By Aryn Nantau

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