What Do You See? - Visitor's Poem

by Jacklyn

Do you see a little girl starving for her daddy's attention, or wanting her mother's affection? Do you see the disappointment in the little girl's eyes or see her wondering why no one is there to comfort her when she cries?

Do you see a teenager raring to go? Do you see her ready to fight her battles high and low? Do you see a teenager depressed and filled with anger? Do you see her headed straight for danger?

Do you see a young woman lost and confused? Do you see her being lied to and used? Do you see a young woman trying to fill that void in her heart, or see her as she tears her body apart?

Do you see a mother growing spiritually each day? Do you see a mother trying to teach her daughter the right way? Do you see a mother learning about stuff she's never known, or do you see a mother praying she reaps better then she has sown?

What do you see when you look at me? Can you see that I have been set free? Do you see the love of God within me?