Beauty of the Woman - Visitor's Poem

by Abed Masinga
(South Africa)

Very beautiful
As beautiful as the Mediterranean sunset
You pulchritude is like desert winter rose

The rose that is ever blossoming
The rose that never shrinks
Stunning like Tibetan mountain after snow
Mountain that refracts rainbow

Gorgeous as ancient Roman poplar tree
The tree which never lose its leave nor chlorophyll
Tree with mould guttation
Guttation which bring joy to arthropod and Biorhiza pallida
Beautiful like Kenyan Masai Mara which only be viewed once a year

You are so gentle and vivid like Vietnam Hue river
The river of perfume and ancient dragons
The perennial river which bring hope desert herds and amphibian

Your hair as beautiful as leguminous tree orchards
The orchard without furrows nor tasted flood irrigation
Depending on heaven dew and fog for percolation
Orchard that emits pleasant smell during twilight
The source of fragrance which use anointed by ancient kings

You eyes are like ancient beautiful Babylonian rivers
River Tigress and Euphrates
The river of sea eel fish
Calm like Judean desert after summer rain
Desert of heifer Ebucks

You are dazzling like pharaonic princess's crown
Charming as holy rosary on nunā€™s hands
You are like Promised Land Jerusalem
Land which only desired by pure soul and heart.