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A Letter to Heaven - Visitor's Poem

by Brandy Hand
(Downsville, NY, USA)

To my dear friend in heaven

I ask a favor of you

send me down your strength

so I can make it through.

I'm kind of feeling empty,

at times miserable and cold,

I'm feeling a bit resentful

I'm still living and must grow old...

Send down some courage

that you have always had.

I dislike being bitter or the feeling of being mad...

I try so hard to understand

the reason and the rhythm

I question why He took you

and the answer I cannot find.

I believe that you can hear me

and I believe that you can see.

So now I'm asking for your help

to set this anger free.

Remind me how to be happy

love-able and kind

I know someday I'll understand

and my answer I will find.


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