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Lessons From The Coffee Shop - Visitor's Story

by Asanda "Sis Asa" Sibobi
(South Africa)

One morning I decided to start my day with a coffee at one of the shops in Cape Town, a lavish cafe with glass that formed its walls and cars making the morning buzz was a cherry on top for a morning that promised to turn into a good day. I decided to try an espresso double (for the first time) and while waiting I read a book since the morning newspaper had not yet arrived.

To my surprise the waiter delivered a tiny-toy-like cup and a very rich espresso double. I poured in sugar, went for the second and third but nothing could help. The truth is, with every sip there was a bitter taste in my mouth, so bitter that I would cringe on the inside - it's safe to say that I was not enjoying it at all. I am sure of one thing though, that what I was going through was not what the onlooker was seeing for I went through every bitter sip with perfection. The onlooker might have seen a chick and sassy professional woman who was having a little me-time before the craziness of the day...little did he know!

The moral of this: Not all that glitters is gold. What you see and so want to be like may turn out to be the opposite, in fact it may turn out to be my bitter experience of a tiny-toy-like cup of espresso. They may look chick, sassy and classy on the outside but in reality they may be going through life the same way I went through every sip I took. Seek your own happiness, for only yours is worth pursuing.

On the flip side, why act up when things are not going well-is it not better to be true to yourself than living a lie? TO THYSELF ALWAYS BE TRUE.


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