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Now I Am Gone - Visitor's Poem

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton. East Sussex. England)

Don't grieve for me now I am gone.
And please don't wish me back again.
I am at peace within the light.
No longer sick. And free from pain.

Be pleased for me, and do not weep.
For I am safe within God's veil.
And bide my time both sides of life.
I know no boundaries now.

Just a whispered word away.
More yet, a thought will do.
No matter be it night or day,
I will be there with you.

Speak to me and I will hear.
No words of yours will fall.
Be they laced with joy or tear,
upon deaf ears, I hear them all.

Dream of me, and when you wake,
still feel my kisses on your face.
And wonder, did I really dream?
Or lay within my love's embrace?

Then should you in my pillow find,
an indent that my head left deep.
Could there then be any doubt,
I come to hold you in your sleep?

Trust in me, we are still as one.
And the love we built our lives upon.
Still stands the test of time and pain.
Unbroken bond, though I am gone.

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